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Have an Easy, Breezy Holiday Clean-Up
12/15/2014 4:11:54 PM

Holiday Cleanup

After a great holiday party full of rich food and good company, cleaning up is probably the last thing you want to do. Before you cozy up on the couch with some hot tea or creamy eggnog, it’s best to clean up the festivities while you still have energy. Here are some tips to make the clean-up process breezy and organized!

· Have the kitchen clear when guests arrive. Wash any dishes you can beforehand and empty the dishwasher. This way, you start the after-party clean-up off on a clean foot.

· Put newspaper at the bottom of your trashcans to soak up any excess liquid or grease.

· Have Tupperware ready and on hand for leftovers.

· Place a bin full of soapy water on the counter to collect dirty silverware.

· Add a couple of tablespoons of white vinegar to the rinse water to reduce oil buildup and make dishes sparkle.

· Place a soft towel at the bottom of the sink as a cushion when washing delicate glasses.

· Rinse dishes that have egg, milk, or cheese residue with cold water first, and then wash with hot water. Hot water can "cook” foods onto surfaces, making them harder to scrub.

· Wash plastic containers with a solution of four tablespoons baking soda to one quart warm water to remove oil stains. Rinse and dry.

· Fill a dirty blender one-third full with warm water and a few drops of dishwashing liquid. Run it for ten seconds. Rinse and dry.

· Rub a slice of lemon or a raw potato over the openings of a dirty cheese grater; rinse and dry.

· Pre-soak pots, pans, and service dishes while clearing the table. Add a tablespoon of baking soda to help loosen up cooked-on food.

· When clearing, put all similar items together for easy dishwasher loading—stack small plates, pile bowls, stack large dinner plates, etc.

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