Makeup-Infused SPF: Enough Coverage or False Hope?
4/3/2013 9:57:20 AM

Andie Spell, licensed aesthetician and makeup artist with the ENT & Aesthetic Center of West Calcasieu Cameron Hospital says relying on SPF in makeup isn’t enough. "Makeup with SPF is a great idea and the protection helps, but women shouldn’t rely on it alone to provide enough protection from the sun.”

Damage caused from the sun can result in fine lines, premature aging, wrinkles and darker pigmentation in areas. About 80 percent of premature aging is due to sun exposure, not to mention the risk of skin cancer from unprotected, or under-protected, skin being exposed to the sun.

Most of us get a fraction of the protection we think we’re getting from SPF-infused cosmetics. The amount needed for true protection is about five to seven times what is applied for normal coverage from makeup. Also, makeup isn’t designed to adhere to the skin like sunscreens do.

Spell advised thinking of makeup with SPF as a second line of defense. "Layering sunscreen under makeup will provide the protection desired to minimize sun damage to the skin,” said Spell.

For broad-spectrum sun protection, Spell recommends these steps:

  • Apply an even layer of sunscreen over clean and moisturized skin that offers both UVA and UVB protection. Choose one with an SPF rating of at least 15.

  • Let the sunscreen sit on the skin for several minutes, then dab any excess with tissue before applying makeup.

  • Choose makeup with an SPF for an additional layer of protection. "Although sunscreen is the most important element to shield the skin from the sun, makeup with an SPF will also help,” Spell said.

In order to reapply sun protection throughout the day, Spell recommends using powder with SPF. "Apply more sunscreen mid-day, then lightly dust with translucent SPF powder to keep the shine down.”

For more information, contact the ENT & Aesthetic Center at West Calcasieu Cameron Hospital at (337) 439-2040.

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