Wining & Dining
The Art of the Thanksgiving Sandwich
11/7/2016 10:39:51 AM

Thanksgiving dinner may be the main event, but leftovers from that meal become an opportunity for a lot of fun, creativity, and fighting over the last piece of turkey. In fact, most of us live for snacking on the leftovers, and nearly every person has their version of the perfect leftover sandwich. On the popular sitcom "Friends,” Ross’s favorite sandwich included a gravy soaked piece of bread. A few local chefs have shared with us what makes their favorite leftover sandwiches so special. Nic Hunter, owner and chef at The Harlequin in Lake Charles, starts with toasted wheat bread. He then loads white meat turkey, crispy bacon strips, cranberry sauce, and horseradish cream sauce to his succulent leftover sandwich. Paulina Siebarth, owner and chef at Nina P’s Café, puts piping hot grilled turkey between two slices of potato bread and adds candied apple slices, cranberry apple chutney, applewood smoked bacon, brie cheese, and tops off the sandwich with garlic mayo. Take a tip from these two amazing local chef’s and try your hand at making the perfect leftover sandwich after Thanksgiving this year.



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