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Winter Wines
1/5/2017 8:49:11 AM

Wine has a way of warming your body from the inside out. It can be the perfect accompaniment to the soothing hearty meals we call comfort food in cold weather. Whether snacking by a crackling fireplace, hosting a crowd around the supper table, or dining out with friends, local experts can help you choose a wine that compliments your winter cuisine.

A robust beef stew after a bout around town in coat-worthy weather pairs well with a Malbec or a Cabernet Sauvignon.Some reds tend to have dark fruit and strong tannins that are delicious withbeef. Crave Gourmet Baskets and Gifts of Lake Charles offers some great options to make your meal complete, like the Smith and Hook Cabernet Sauvignon for less than thirty dollars a bottle.

If you’re having folks over for a celebration and serving appetizers like cheese and smoked salmon, a little bubbly can brighten every bite. An NV Maurice Bonnamy Brut Rosé Cremant de Loire, which you can pick up for around fifteen dollars a bottle, might be just what your gathering needs. This wine showcases a grape whose herbal side shows up in a subtle way, like lemongrass or lotus tea, balanced by plenty of ripe fruit. In other bubbly delights, try the Sios Brut Rose, a sparkling pinot noir Crave Gourmet Baskets and Gifts carries for about thirty dollars – sure to please any crowd!

Sharing a little lobster or poached salmon with friends? Top off the wine glasses surrounding these festive plates with an extravagantly oaked chardonnay. This wine is aged in new oak barrels and demands to be paired with rich, luxurious food. A Clos Du Bois North Coastbottle of Chardonnay fits this criterion and can be had for less than twenty dollars.

Another bottle to include on your winter wine list is a Stags’ Leap Winery 2011 Petite Sirah from Napa Valley, which can be found for around forty dollars a bottle. With cumin, dried chili and vanilla aromas along with flavors like Mexican spice, vanilla, and blackberries, these bold flavors will tickle your palate and quickly become a well-loved favorite.

Finally, if you’re looking for a seasonal taste, look no further than the Don and Sons Pinot Noir. With its aromas of nutmeg, espresso, and hints of plums and crushed berries, every taste bud will be delighted whether you are cozying up on the couch with a glass and a good book, or hosting a little soiree. With the cost of this wallet-friendly bottle, you’ll feel like Santa is still working his magic well into the new year.



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