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Meal Kit Delivery Services – A Culinary Adventure in a Box
4/5/2017 10:53:42 AM

Whether it’s juggling baseball practice and gymnastics, or just a long day at the office, nothing can put a damper on the evening like realizing its 8 o’clock and your cupboards only hold half a block of Velveeta cheese, a can of cream of mushroom soup, and a sleeve of saltine crackers. There are only so many drive-through dinners a family can take before the stove starts collecting dust and the bathroom scales begin to tip unfavorably.

Before you throw your hands up in defeat, there is another mealtime option that doesn’t require multiple trips to the supermarket or tons of planning. Meal kit delivery service products arrive in a box on your doorstep, complete with pre-measured ingredients and easy to follow recipes. Below are descriptions of some of the current popular companies.

Hello Fresh-If you’re looking for healthier versions of your favorite comfort foods for around $8.75 a meal, consider this service. Weekly shipments include enough protein and produce to create three fresh meals a week for two to four people in less than thirty minutes, Hello Fresh has a wide variety of recipe options for you and your family.

Green Chef-This service gives new customers fifty dollars off their first box. The company works hard to ensure all their ingredients are certified organic. They offer meal plans for gluten-free diets, paleo diets, and even meat or seafood lovers. Green Chef prides itself on flexibility. You can try different plans or recipes, skip weeks, or cancel whenever you want. Around $10.50 per meal.

Blue Apron-If you seek adventure in your kitchen, Blue Apron may be the meal kit delivery service for you. Customers sign-up for the two-person plan or the family plan and receive from six to sixteen meals a week. Ingredients are pre-portioned and Blue Apron features an interesting ingredient with each shipment. From Oaxaca cheese and plantain tortas to mushroom and barley miso ramen, your palate will thank you.

Plated-Deciding what’s for dinner shouldn’t be a struggle. So Plated allows you to choose the meals you want, and they arrive at your doorstep the following week. For $12.00 per meal, you select from a menu created by award-winning chefs, including recipes for Cuban Chicken Empanadas with lime crema and avocado and Mediterranean burgers.

PeachDish-The first shipment this company made was to ten customers -- nine of the owner’s friends, and one to a woman in Lake Charles. Now it ships more than 200,000 meals a year to its customers focusing on Southern cuisine. For about $12.50 a meal, you’ll receive eight recipe options a week dictated by seasonal ingredients.

Sun Basket-Feel good about the food you put into your body by ordering convenient meals from Sun Basket. With paleo, gluten-free, vegetarian, and farm-to-table options, Sun Basket sends you delicious meals with kid-friendly options for around $10.00 a meal. There is no commitment, so you can skip or cancel at any time.

With these pre-packed meal options delivered to your door, minimizing prep-time and planning, it’s like opening a box of dinner-time magic, allowing you more time to enjoy the company and the meal, and less time checking your list and waiting in line at the grocery store. Take the stress out of dinner and make your life a little bit easier.



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