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The Immeasurable Culinary Imagination of George Graham
4/5/2017 11:16:06 AM

To say that Louisiana native George Graham is remarkable in the kitchen would be like saying that Leonardo DaVinci dabbled with painting. Sure, it is an accurate description, but it barely encompasses the awe in which both men inspire creativity, the masterful artistry of their craft, or the way their imaginations bring art to life. George Graham, writer, photographer, and esteemed cook is the author of "Acadiana Table,” a cookbook that can change the way you think about food. If you have yet to discover this collection of southern recipes, you are in luck. You can order it on Amazon for less than twenty dollars, and it will be money well-spent.

George Graham grew up in a restaurant business family. He remembers "the blasts of heat coming from the ovens, the high-pitched whine of a band saw cutting through bone, and the intoxicating smell of roux cooking on the commercial stovetop in my daddy’s restaurant kitchen. At an early age, I recall standing on a wooden orange crate learning to stir one of those pots at the side of a masterful Creole cook.” Baptism by fire is what George calls it. It isn’t any wonder that creating awe-inspiring dishes comes as naturally as breathing to this Acadian cook.

When asked from where he draws his inspiration, George says, "If you live in South Louisiana, it’s hard not to be inspired by our culinary world.Inspiration is as close as your next meal. It’s at the bottom of a bowl of smoked rabbit gumbo; it’s fried up in a crispy crusted slab of catfish cloaked in a velvety crawfish étouffée. I drive far and get up close to our food culture to find the delicious story behind my next meal.” To experience some of his favorite Louisiana cuisine, you can visit George’s blog at and eat your way through his favorite restaurants, listed in his blog posts.

If you’d like to experience George’s favorites in your own kitchen, his cookbook is a household staple. His beautiful culinary photography will leave your mouth watering. His recipes tempt readers to don an apron and pull out the pots and pans. Boudin cream sauce may become your new favorite dish. But the recipes are so much more than cooking instructions. George weaves his recipes around stories of Cajun life and those who live it. Reading a recipe is like delving into a fond memory, and his table tips will ensure you enjoy your food to the utmost.

In "Acadiana Table,” George Graham successfully honors tradition while simultaneously challenging it to create something comforting and new. If there were one recipe George would urge you to try, it would be Rox’s Roux. It’s a classic, and the foundation on which so many recipes are built.

George says, "I’ve found that food unites us all, and the passion for cooking—especially here in Louisiana—is one that folks love to talk about.I urge you, next time you’re in someone’s kitchen, take a seat at the table and ask them about their favorite recipes. Never more poetic words are spoken than a kitchen table conversation with a passionate cook.” You can have that conversation with George by reading his blog or his remarkable cookbook, "Acadiana Table.”



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