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Sweet Fluff - Air Confetti Gourmet Cotton Candy
6/1/2017 1:13:58 PM

Most people can remember being a kid at a carnival and pulling puffs of sweet sticky cotton candy off a paper cone. Carnival cotton candy gets a major upgrade with Air Confetti Gourmet Cotton Candy.

During fall of last year, Jillian Bethune was scrolling through Pinterest. She stumbled upon a pin for a modern cotton candy cart. She was drawn to it initially because she spun cotton candy when she was in high school, says her business partner Nicole Wulf. "But when we looked further into it, we realized we could spin organic sugar with natural flavors and no food dyes. How cool is that!?”

On a "mompreneur” whim, the pair decided Southwest Louisiana was ready for the concept and they ordered the cart and all the supplies the next day. Seven months later, they take their cotton candy cart to weddings, showers, birthday parties, corporate and office gatherings, and other events. They also package their sweet confections for delivery, both locally and across the country. They use their creativity to package the cotton candy so that it is as fun to look at as it is to eat.

Nicole and Jillian make some of their cotton candy flavors in their own kitchens, but they order most of their organic cotton candy sugar from a distributor in Hawaii. They keep their flavor list relatively simple and recognizable. Their signature flavors include standards such as strawberry, pineapple, and coconut. Nicole refers to their biggest seller, caramel topped with black Hawaiian sea salt, as ‘the gateway flavor.’  "Once someone tries that flavor, they understand the concept of cotton candy...that is not pink or blue. And they move on to other flavors from there.”

When the occasion warrants it, Nicole and Jillian are known to concoct some unusual flavors: for example, an oatmeal stout beer flavor, chocolate mint (especially popular during the Christmas season), and strawberries and cream (vanilla spun sugar topped with crushed strawberry fruit dust.)

They also enjoy serving creative pairings, such as fruity flavors like passion fruit, tangerine, or rose with champagne, or root beer cotton candy atop a root beer float. "Tangerine cotton candy is especially good with a mimosa, and coconut cotton candy with lime zest atop a piña colada.”

Air Confetti puts Lake Charles on the map regarding innovative sweet treats. Nicole says she is aware of gourmet cotton candy in only a few cities across the country and they are the only such business in Louisiana. But it is more than a unique product. Nicole says she appreciates the nostalgic concept. "I love the whimsy of the white cart, the white fluff in the bubble, and the wonderful smell.”

For more information, find Nicole and Jillian on Facebook at Air Confetti Gourmet Cotton Candy.

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