Make Your Thanksgiving Style a Snap
11/2/2017 4:24:53 PM
Thanksgiving Style

Whether you’re traveling for the holidays or hosting the feast in your own home, Thanksgiving is generally pretty chaotic. Extra-long airport lines, shortages of pantry staples at the grocery store, and guests who RSVP at the last minute can make a perfectly lovely holiday feel like a Herculean task. However, packing your bags for holiday travel and still looking great around the table can be a snap with just a few wardrobe staples.

It’s all about the stretch

You’re not imagining it: airplane seats are actually shrinking. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get comfy on a flight or long drive. An oversized sweater and a great pair of leggings are the perfect holiday travel companions. Pack a large, lightweight scarf in your carry on to double as a blanket so you’ll be extra cozy on the go. 

For turkey day, let elastic be your friend. A loose comfy dress, pants with an elastic waistband, or even a stylish pair of joggers with an on-trend Bardot sweater or classic striped top and jean jacket will ensure you can eat your fill of stuffing and dinner rolls without having to undo a top button. 

Little accessories can make a big difference

Packing for a long weekend full of visits with family and friends can be difficult enough without trying to accessorize several different outfits. Pick just one or two pieces of statement jewelry that will work with each day’s outfit, like a great pair of tassel earrings, to avoid an overflowing suitcase -- and the likelihood you’ll leave a treasured accessory behind.

Update your wardrobe with a cool fall jacket

This year, it’s all about the moto jacket and timelessly cool James Dean style updated with a feminine edge. The moto jacket is also another multipurpose piece that works just as well with leggings as it does with a floral print dress. Whether you buy a genuine leather moto jacket as an investment piece or pick up a faux version at a fast fashion outlet, this versatile outerwear adds a dash of effortless style to any outfit. 

Pack a versatile pair of boots

Let your footwear multitask! A single pair of black or brown ankle booties can work with every outfit on this list. They’re easy to slip on and off in airport security lines, add a tough edge to a feminine, elastic waist dress, and make a cozy pair of joggers look a little more dressy. With the right pair of easy to style booties, you won’t have to worry about packing multiple pairs of shoes for your long weekend.

Thanksgiving is ultimately about making memories with family and friends, so what you wear is generally just an afterthought. But it feels good to look good, and having a few comfortable, yet stylish staples in your travel bag can help make the holiday as worry-free and fun as it should be!
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