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12 Things to do with Leftover Halloween Candy
11/2/2017 4:44:32 PM
Halloween Candy

1. Freeze it
You can add fun-size candy bars to milkshakes, crush and sprinkle over ice cream, or eat them straight out of the wrapper.

2. Bake it
Bury fun-size chocolate candy bars into a brownie mix or add crushed candy bars to cake  or cookie batter or stir into icing.

3. Mix it
Add small candies such as M&Ms to a trail mix with nuts, raisins, cranberries, and granola.

4. Top it
Instead of marshmallows atop your sweet potatoes at Thanksgiving, try using candy corn.

5 Pair it
Try pairing leftover candies with various wines or spirits. Or add chocolate bars to vodka for a unique flavored vodka.

6. Crush it
Add crushed candies to your coffee.

7. Stash it
Stash some into a pocket in your purse for emergencies.

8 Craft it
Be creative and use colorful candies in making holiday crafts such as wreaths, ornaments, or gingerbread houses.

9. Stuff it
Stuff into a piƱata for a late-year birthday party.

10 Game it
Use small candies as board game pieces.

11. Give it
Consider donating it to a senior center or a charity organization such as

12. Work it
If none of these ideas appeal to you, simply take your leftover candy to your workplace and watch how quickly it disappears.
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