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Reauxl On Over to the Coolest New Ice Cream Shop in SWLA
5/3/2018 8:58:19 PM

Pair cool creamy confection with sheer novelty and you get the latest ice cream craze to hit Southwest Louisiana. Louisiana Reauxl opened in February to rave reviews from the community. "We are very grateful to have the community’s support and have enjoyed all the feedback, suggestions, and great compliments, especially regarding our staff,” says proprietor Whitney Griffin.

What makes Reauxl so special is their method of preparation and presentation. After you place your order, watching the skilled staff create your ice cream masterpiece is part of the experience. Also called "fried” ice cream, this unique method of serving ice cream has roots in Thailand. The frozen fad expanded to cities around the globe.

The preparer first pours flavored milk onto an iced grill – a steel plate chilled to below freezing. Depending on your order, he or she will work in the add-ins as they mix, scrape, and swirl the ingredients together until it is frozen to just the right texture. The ice cream is then smoothed out very thin and flat on the grill, sliced into strips, and rolled into delicate coils of deliciousness. The rolls are packed into a large cup and generous toppings are added. The concept has been so popular since Griffin’s opening, she has since added a fourth iced grill to decrease her customers’ wait time.

Signature ingredient combinations include exciting SWLA-themed flavors such as Louisiana Sunrise (vanilla ice cream, decaf coffee, caramel, and a wafer stick) and Swamp (chocolate ice cream, chocolate syrup, chocolate chips, and brownie.) Griffin’s personal favorite is the Creole (vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup, peanut butter, and pretzel.) Griffin also offers seasonal and holiday flavors. She added Key Lime Pie on St. Patrick’s Day and Carrot Cake for Easter. Butter Pecan and Thin Mint are also popular special flavors. This summer, she’ll offer Root Beer Float flavor. Each hand-crafted concoction costs $7.50.

Griffin is a native of Lake Charles and a McNeese graduate. She and her father opened Reauxl together after her parents discovered similar businesses in the Northeast. "Owning my own business has always been a goal for me but I never thought it would be an ice cream shop. I am a firm believer in following God’s plans for me, which has lead me to give Louisiana Reauxl a try in Southwest Louisiana.”

Louisiana Reauxl is located at 2040 W. Gauthier Rd. at the corner of Nelson Rd. For more information, see their Facebook page, @louisianareauxlrolledicecream.
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