Boho Style
7/3/2018 3:34:23 PM
Boho Style

If you’re a fan of all things fringe, full-skirted, and floral, and believe that more is more when building your look, then you’re probably a lover of Bohemian (or boho) style. And the past few years have been great for flower children, since fringe jackets, bell sleeves, and even bell-bottoms have made a huge comeback. 

The next big trend is adding boho touches to your wardrobe in the form of accessories. Here are some of the season’s hottest boho accessories, according to Marlee Henry, co-owner of ThumbPrint boutique. 

For the past few years, boho sunglasses have been large and in charge, from big, round rimless shades to huge mirror lenses. And while mirror lenses are still all the rage, this year’s shades have shrunk, and no boho look is complete without this little accessory. 

"When I hear boho, I instantly think tiny sunglasses,” Henry says. Tiny, round John Lennon-style sunglasses are definitely a vibe this summer, as are teardrop-shaped shades just big enough to cover your eyes. 

No beach trip is complete without a cute hat. Luckily, boho hats are a big deal in 2018. A round, wide-brimmed hat worn pushed to the back of the head is a classic way to bring a bit of free-spirited style to your summer rompers, or you can go even more classic with a small-brimmed brown straw hat. For the past few years, giant floppy hats have been the go-to boho toppers, but this year, hats, like sunglasses, have been paired down. 

Head Scarves 
When it comes to summer boho fashion, nothing has Henry more excited than headscarves. "Headscarves are the thing to do right now,” Henry says. "I would definitely say this is how you could add subtle boho vibe to your outfit. Either tie it in your ponytail, add it in a braid, or a full head wrap is in also. There are multiple ways to add them to your outfit for that day!”

Look for bright patterns, bold floral statement scarves, or even fringe.

A great kimono adds a bit of free-spirited flair to any summer outfit. Just throw a sheer, floral kimono or cardigan over a white tee shirt tucked into blue jean shorts with a pair of ankle booties and you’re pretty much Instagram-ready. Bonus: kimonos also make perfect beach cover-ups. 

It seems like Bohemian style has been having a mighty long moment, at least for the generally fast-paced fashion world, so if you’re reluctant to buy too much more 70s-inspired clothing, adding just a few boho touches to your summer wardrobe will keep you stylish without adding any clutter to your closet.
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