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Pure Press Juicery
7/3/2018 9:43:52 PM
Pure Press

Cold pressed juices have been all the rage in natural foods since the early 2000’s. Cold pressing means that the juice is extracted from fruits and vegetables using a hydraulic press that produces no heat during the juicing process; hence, the produce being juiced is cold pressed. Cold-pressing takes longer than other juicing methods, and typically produces less juice, but the juice that is produced is theoretically higher in nutritional content because heat can destroy certain enzymes and nutrients. 

Jason Holder founded Pure Press Juicery in 2013 in Lake Charles and started selling juices at The Cash and Carry Farmers Market every Tuesday. Pure Press Juices quickly gained popularity and became a farmer’s market staple. The local demand for Pure Press was great, and for good reason. Their commitment to locally sourcing as many of their ingredients as possible, and to ensure that all of their ingredients are 100 percent organic, lends incredible freshness and flavor to Pure Press juices that are unrivaled by store bought juices. 

The increased demand for Pure Press recently spawned a brick and mortar location on Ryan Street, directly across from the Historic Calcasieu Marine Bank. The rustic brick building is a beautiful addition to downtown Lake Charles. 

A permanent location gave Holder the means to expand his menu. Included with the same great juices and juice blends that they have always offered, Pure Press now offers some great healthy dishes for breakfast, lunch, and even coffee. 

"Our cold brew latte is made with Reve Coffee Roasters coffee from Lafayette and organic almond milk. No added sugar,” Holder said. "Cold brewing it adds no heat to the coffee, so it makes it less acidic than drip coffee.” 

For an antioxidant-packed breakfast or lunch, try one of Pure Press’s smoothie bowls. Smoothie bowls are thicker than a regular smoothie. Made with a granola base and topped with fresh fruit, you eat them with a spoon. "Our Acai Bowl is the most popular,” Holder said with pride. 

Expanding from selling one day a week at the local farmers’ market to opening a thriving new downtown restaurant open six days a week required an obsessive focus on quality and detail, and you can taste that obsession in the flavor at Pure Press Juicery. In a region and a state where that dedication to craft is usually reserved for heavy fare not typically associated with wellness, Pure Press offers a refreshing and delicious alternative that will make your taste buds as happy as it makes your body.
Pure Press Juicery is located at 825 Ryan St. For more information, see their Facebook page, @PurePressJuicery.

Hours: Mon-Fri 7am-3pm; Sat 8am-2pm
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