Add Your Personal Style to School Uniforms
8/6/2018 10:42:07 AM
School Uniforms

Because school dress codes determine what students can and cannot wear to school, it may seem challenging to be yourself in a sea of navy blues, hunter greens, khakis, and whites. However, there are ways to express individuality while still following the school guidelines.

School officials often draw the line at accessories or styles that appear "distracting” to other students. The key is to keep it simple and choose one thing that reflects your personality.

Most schools only allow collared shirts and slacks in limited color options. Stick to the school guidelines but mix it up a little. Instead of wearing white and khaki everyday, try a green shirt with navy pants. Or try layering two shirts in the allowed colors to add variety.

Your choice of shoes provides another opportunity to distinguish yourself from the masses. Schools may not allow sandals or flip-flops, but look for comfortable, stylish shoes to make your outfit your own, whether colorful Converse or trendy boots. Socks, depending on the season and school dress code, can also make a statement.

If jewelry is allowed, find pieces that accentuate your style. A funky necklace or bracelet can look interesting without being too distracting. Also look for unique belts to stylize your outfit.

Next to clothing, few accessories can help define your style as much as a perfect-for-you purse. If you don’t want to buy a new hand bag, try attaching a fun piece of purse jewelry like a scarf or a tassel to your favorite staple.

Personalize your look with monograms. Most anything can be monogrammed these days – handbags and backpacks, day planners, jewelry, and apparel.

Create a unique hairstyle. A creative braid or the use of a curling iron, paired with a cute headband, hair tie, braid or big bow can make a style statement. 

If you wear eyeglasses, choose a pair of frames that only you can pull off. 

In cooler weather, a trendy jacket or sweater can distinguish you from the crowd, if your dress code allows. Or you can add a colorful scarf.

Remember, the most important way to be yourself is to focus on activities that you enjoy. Having a great time doing what you love is the best way to maintain a sense of self. When you develop your talents and passions, your individuality will shine through even the drabbest of uniforms.
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