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Where is Alice P?
8/6/2018 12:19:08 PM
Alice P

For months now the question on the tongue of every sweet toothed resident in Southwest Louisiana has been, "Where is Alice P?” But for the uninitiated, the question might also be, "What is Alice P?” Based in Lake Charles but distributed throughout the region, Where is Alice P? specializes in unique and decadent cakes, cookies, desserts and custom confections for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries or anytime you need a good sugar fix. These delicacies can be custom-ordered or found on the shelves and check-out counters of several local restaurants and stores. 

Enola Henderson is the talent and drive behind Where is Alice P?, which begs another question . . . Who is Alice P? 

"Alice P was my mom,” Ms. Henderson said, with a laugh. "She passed away in 2014. She was the baker of the family. The person who brought everyone together and was a home away from home for family, friends, and strangers.”

Where is Alice P? pays homage to the happiness and familial bond that the real Alice P brought to Henderson’s family. "She lives on through my love for baking and the joy it brings to those who experience the unique desserts that I offer. She always told me that if I can’t do anything with love and passion then there’s no reason to do it at all. People can always tell when you do things without love, especially when you are baking.” 

Henderson started translating that passion into cakes but soon began putting her unique take on different desserts like cinnamon rolls, brownies, cookies, cheesecakes, and pecan pralines. "I wanted to bring something to my customers that was unique and different, but when they tasted the final product the flavors would pair perfectly together. Like my pistachio raspberry lemon cookie that I will be adding to our menu soon.”

And those flavors aren’t necessarily things you would immediately consider pairing together. For example, many of her cookies combine unique ingredients like fruity pebbles, cinnamon toast crunch, and other popular breakfast cereals atop a variety of delicious, gooey baked goodness. You can eat them cold, but Henderson recommends warming many of them for a "beautiful experience.”

All of this mouthwatering innovation brings us back to the original question, "Where is Alice P?” 

You can make special orders by calling Henderson, or by contacting her through her Facebook page or website. You can also find ready-to-eat cookies, cakes, brownies, and treats at a number of local businesses such as Buffi’s PoBoys, Quick Stop on Gerstner Memorial Drive, Shorty’s, Cottens Downtown, Peggy’s Superette, Weenie Dogs Hot Dog Joint, Jimbo’s 5-Star in Moss Bluff, and The Brown Bag Café.
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