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The Purpose Behind the Party
8/28/2018 9:43:39 AM
Rouge et Blanc

Everyone knows that Rouge et Blanc is one of the best annual events on the Southwest Louisiana party scene. But do they know WHY the Banners committee works so hard to plan this amazing event year after year? The answer is simple – so that Banners, a financially self-sustaining organization within McNeese State University, can continue to provide the community with access to exceptional arts and humanities programming and education through arts integration that is unique to the area. Banners’ programs focus on lifelong learning and an appreciation of cultural diversity, working to enhance the quality of life in the communities of Southwest Louisiana.

When you purchase a ticket to Rouge et Blanc, you support community services provided by Banners. For example:

Banners Cultural Season
Through their Cultural Season, Banners presents a series of performances each spring. Those performances include classical and jazz music, readings, dance companies, illusionists, academic lectures, film, world music, and more. Each Season’s line-up is chosen by a group of volunteers who review possible artists and choose the best options for our community. Their volunteers also participate as ticket takers, hospitality providers, outreach assistants, and photographers.

Banners Engages
One of the most important responsibilities of Banners is to engage local students in educational programming through arts and humanities performances. Banners Engages includes live presentations at no cost to public and parochial schools, appearances at Parish Public Libraries, demonstrations to students of McNeese State University, and other community venues. This program works to increase the number of students who experience live cultural programming, increase the number of hours of arts and humanities programming, and supplement the curriculum with prepared materials. It helps to ensure that children develop creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurial thinking. Studies have also shown that children involved in the arts are more likely to be recognized for academic achievement, be elected to class office within their schools, and win awards for school attendance. Each year, more than 17,000 students reap the benefits of having Banners educational outreach performances as part of their learning environment. With approximately 60 outreach programs annually, Banners brings arts and humanities to K-12 schools throughout Calcasieu, Cameron, and Jeff Davis Parishes and the students of McNeese State University.

When you support Banners at McNeese by attending Rouge et Blanc or purchasing a season subscription, you help provide our community with access to exceptional arts and humanities programming – as well as furthering the education of our children.
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