Fall Into Better Skin Care
10/2/2018 1:08:10 PM
Fall Skin

It’s important to treat your skin well all year long, but skin care experts know that treating your skin appropriately season by season is what will determine its overall health.  And by the time fall comes around, your skin is ready for a vacation from the harsh conditions of our long Southwest Louisiana summer.

"Summer can be hard on the skin, draining it of nutrients and causing sun damage. Chlorine and salt water can also take a toll,” says Jennifer Lemons, licensed aesthetician and owner of Dermalogix Salon and Day Spa. "For many people, months of summertime fun lead to premature aging, wrinkling, dryness, hyperpigmentation, and an overall faded appearance. That makes fall an ideal time to jumpstart your skin care routine – you can repair summer skin damage and get a head start on preventing winter dryness.”  

She recommends chemical peels as a great way to handle most fall skin care issues. "Traditional peels affect the dead protein tissue that connects dead skin cells to each other, rather than the live protein that is found in live cells,” she explains. "These peels remove only dead skin and never affect the living skin underneath, except to expose it. Increased cell turnover is beneficial, bringing the skin to a state of healthy equilibrium. Peels are a particularly effective way to reverse premature aging.”

In addition to peels, Lemons says skin rejuvenation treatments including facials, resurfacing techniques, and enzyme-infused treatments can also help address and prevent fall skin problems. "And just because the weather is cooler does not mean the sun is not as threatening,” stresses Lemons. "On the contrary, clouds actually reflect the sun’s rays, increasing your risk of exposure to harmful UV rays. So don’t forget to apply a moisturizing sunscreen daily throughout the fall and winter.”

Lemons says the products you use at home are also very important. "Cleansers, moisturizers, and products designed to treat specific concerns such as sun damage and dry skin are key to achieving the desired results. By taking care of your skin now, you’ll have the healthy look you want for the upcoming holiday season and throughout the winter months.” 

For more information on skin care treatments call Dermalogix at (337) 477-1195 or visit dermalogixspa.com
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