Toujours Planning
10/2/2018 1:26:35 PM
Toujours Planning

For most people, family life and professional life are two entirely separate things. Dustin Granger and Danielle Granger Nava aren’t most people.

Together, this brother and sister team run Toujours Planning, a wealth management firm offering financial planning and investment services to people in any stage of life. Even the name of their business reflects their heritage, as it comes from their family motto, "Toujours Granger,” French for "Always Granger.”

Dustin says he and Danielle have grown closer since being in business together. "We may butt heads on an idea sometimes, but as brother and sister we have an extra level of being open and listening to each other, and accepting each other’s ideas. We have a deep love for each other, and because of that we want to help each other succeed.”

Though Danielle always hoped to work with Dustin one day, she originally wasn’t sure financial planning was for her. Instead, she got a marketing degree from LSU and worked for several years in sales, marketing, and social media.

Meanwhile, Dustin had joined their father in business a couple of years after graduating from LSU and then earned his Certified Financial Planner designation. He wanted Danielle to join him and began recruiting her right away, emphasizing that her relationship-building skills would be invaluable.
"Marketing is building relationships, and that’s one of my best skills,” Danielle says. "I realized that with our different skill sets, if Dustin and I joined together, we could build something great.”

So they did, starting Toujours Planning in 2017. Their mission is "to empower you to dream, plan, and live your ideal life.” It means they go beyond their clients’ financial goals to help them achieve what they want in all aspects of life.

"As financial planners, we are in a unique position because we can see the full financial picture of our clients,” Danielle says. "And because money is inherently tied to lots of life goals, we feel like it’s our responsibility to also be a coach to help clients discover their deep-rooted goals and be able to go out and do those things so they don’t have any regrets.”

It’s not just financial planning, Dustin says; it’s "life planning.”

And the two of them do their best to "walk the walk” and live their own ideal lives every day. They have interests beyond financial planning, of course — like Danielle’s "Show Me Your NOLA” blog and Dustin’s debate and discussion group, The Junto of Lake Charles. But much of what they love doing involves their work.

Together, they have a podcast and a blog called "Worth It” – yet another venue for them to help people dream, plan, and live their ideal lives.

Their own dreams are big; within the next decade, they aim to have what Danielle calls "a national, booming business” that impacts the financial industry as a whole. They inspire — and are inspired by — each other. And they’re just getting started.

"If you want to do something, if you want to make a difference, if you want to be something, you can actually do it,” Dustin says. "If you just keep at it and jump on every opportunity and constantly try to make things better, you can kind of do anything.”
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