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Louisiana’s Distillery Trail
10/2/2018 3:30:37 PM
Distillery Trail

In this issue, we celebrate spirits, and we don’t mean only the spooky, scary kind. We’re talking about rum, vodka, gin, and whiskey made right here in the Bayou State with locally-harvested ingredients – especially Louisiana sugar cane!

The Louisiana Distillery Trail is managed and promoted through the Louisiana Distillers Guild. The Guild website provides information on distilleries, such as tour times and contact information, as well as resources for the distilleries, like where to buy the supplies they need to craft their product.

Louisiana distilleries are concentrated in the New Orleans area, but can be found scattered across the southern half of the state. Most distilleries offer tours to the public, which include a tour of the facility, tastings, and the opportunity to buy the products on-site. Distillery tours are fun, informative, and entertaining destinations for both visitors and locals alike. Which distilleries are next on your list to experience?

Southwest Louisiana
is home to two completely different distilleries – one makes rum and the other, vodka. Both businesses create their products from homegrown Louisiana cane sugar.

Louisiana Spirits Distillery
Opened in 2011, this Lacassine distillery is home to Bayou Rum. On their tour, you’ll watch a video on the making of Bayou Rum, smell the heady scent of raw sugar and molasses, marvel at the large shiny copper distillers, and sample their four rum products: Bayou Silver (clear), Bayou Spiced (with a special blend of Creole baking spices), Bayou Satsuma (an orangey rum liqueur made with Louisiana’s native citrus), and Bayou Select (aged in bourbon barrels for up to three years). Be sure to check out their fun gift shop, as well. 
20909 Frontage Rd, Lacassine,, 337-588-5800.

Yellowfin Vodka 
Yellowfin Vodka started its humble journey in 2017 with Jamison Trouth, who handcrafted his vodka by himself every step of the way, from schlepping sacks of sugar to affixing the bottle labels and everything in between. After a phenomenally successful first year, Trouth hired one employee. But minimal personnel doesn’t mean low production. This two-man team produced 15,000 bottles of Yellowfin Vodka last year. Stop by anytime Monday through Friday 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. for tours. The distillery will also clean, refill and sell your empty bottle back to you for $3 off retail price.
1716 E Burton St, Sulphur,, 337-660-8373.

Crescent City
It should be no surprise that New Orleans is the hub of Louisiana distilleries. NOLA citizens have been making and drinking rum since the 18th century!

Altier Vie
At Atelier Vie, one could say they do it all. Their product mix includes gin, vodka, brandy, a Louisiana rice whiskey, and two varieties of the once-illegal absinthe. Their facility imbues a clandestine sense of speakeasy; visitors use a call box to enter. Open Saturdays and Sundays, 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. for tastings and bottle sales. 
1001 S Broad St, New Orleans, but use 3928 Euphrosine St. for GPS purposes,, 504-534-8590.

Cajun Spirits Distillery
Cajun Spirits Distillery crafts a trio of libations – Crescent Vodka, Tresillo Rum, and 3rd Ward Gin. All three spirits start with 100% Louisiana sugarcane and are processed through copper stills made in Germany. Their gin is made with a secret blend of ingredients, including juniper, of course! They currently don’t offer formal tours, but you can call the distillery to arrange a visit. 
2532 Poydras St, New Orleans,, 504-875-3592.

Celebration Distillation
The producer of Old New Orleans Rum, Celebration Distillation offers seven varieties, including their tongue-tickling cocktail Gingeroo. The recently-released limited edition 1718 Tricentennial Blend honors New Orleans’s 300th anniversary. They are open daily for tours and offer a complimentary shuttle service from the Organic Banana Daiquiri Stand and Juice Bar in the French Market. See their website to book a tour. 
2815 Frenchmen St, New Orleans,, 504-945-9400.

Lula Restaurant-Distillery
Lula Restaurant-Distillery is the first restaurant-distillery in New Orleans and in the Southeast U.S. They serve lunch and dinner seven days a week as well as weekend brunch which includes an all-you-can drink vodka bar for $20. They specialize in craft cocktails that complement their own vodka, rum, and gin and offer complimentary distillery tours. 
1532 St Charles Ave, New Orleans,, 504-267-7624.

Roulaison Distilling 
Roulaison Distilling makes rum with the intention of adding "a bit more stylistic variety to the local rum market and to explore the dark recesses of rum history in order to create some unique and deliciously obscure libations.” They offer four rum varieties, including a traditional white rum, an overproof (aka Navy strength), a rum liqueur, and an aged spirit. If you appreciate beautifully-written wordsmithing, do check out their website. Tours are offered at 5:30 p.m. on Fridays, and 3:00 and 5:00 on Saturdays. Visit to book a tour. Their Tasting Room is open Wed. – Fri. 3:00 – 7:00 p.m. and Sat. 1:00 – 7:00 p.m. 
2727 S Broad Ave Suite #103, New Orleans,, 504-517-4786.

Seven Three Distilling 
Seven Three Distilling makes "spirits with a sense of place,” and that place is in the Old Treme neighborhood of New Orleans. In fact, the name was inspired by the 73 colorful and culturally diverse neighborhoods that make up the Crescent City. Only open since 2016, this distillery makes one of the larger variety of products – gin, moonshine, vodka, cucumber vodka, Irish whiskey, with a bourbon and rum coming soon. Forty-five-minute tours and tastings available daily for $15 per person. 
301 N Claiborne Ave, New Orleans,, 504-265-8545.

River Road Distillery
The folks at River Road Distillery turned their family’s big barn into a world-class rum-making distillery. Their flagship white rum, Kicking Mule, is said to be a "balanced rum,” perfect for sipping neat, on ice, or in a refreshing cocktail. Tours available by appointment. 
2151 Kliebert Rd. Paulina, LA.,, 225-869-4064. 

South Central & Eastern Louisiana

Baton Rouge Distilling 
Please change to Operated by husband and wife team Ricci and Natacha, Baton Rouge Distilling debuted their craft spirits in 2016 with a Strawberry Brandy. They are currently experimenting with plum brandy, an agave spirit, and bourbon. Tours are offered when their schedules permit. Follow their website and social media pages for dates and details. 
11616 Industriplex Blvd Suite 21, Baton Rouge,, 225-614-2616. 

Cane Land Distilling
Located at Alma Plantation and Sugar Mill, Cane Land Distilling handcrafts five varieties of rum, including their unique Red Stick Cinnamon rum. Their Rhum Agricole is made once a year a mere 90 minutes after harvest and each bottle is marked with the field that particular sugarcane originated from. 
760 St Philip St, Baton Rouge,, 225-615-8044.

Louisiana Lightning
Located in Amite, LA, Louisiana Lightning makes two versions of whiskey – a clear, unaged, sour mash variety and a quirky strawberry whiskey made with real strawberries. 
10571 Highway 16, Amite,, 985-748-6722.

Rank Wildcat Spirits
The smallest rum distillery in Louisiana, Rank Wildcat Spirits makes Sweet Crude Rum. It’s different from other Louisiana rums because it is made from pure sugar cane juice -- not black strap molasses – with nothing added to artificially sweeten or enhance. They also make a single harvest blend aged with charred American white oak staves. 
To schedule a tour, contact or call 337-257-3385. 619 Bonin Rd, Lafayette.
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