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4/1/2019 2:00:00 PM

Home Style

How we furnish our homes says a lot about our personalities. Some people prefer a minimalistic, sleek style, while others opt for bright colors and designs. Some keep décor traditional, while others prefer contemporary and edgy. 

Whatever your personal style, it’s interesting to follow the trends. Read on and be inspired to spruce up your own home furnishings!


One current style in lighting takes a cue from the country farmhouse. "Dark bronze, black, or rustic finishes made to look worn or antiqued are very popular,” says Erin Howle at Joseph’s Electrical Center in Lake Charles. Gold is also popular, but "this isn't your mother’s or your grandmother’s gold,” Erin adds. The golds of today are more muted, ranging from champagne tones to darker, aged brass colors and are found in a variety of styles.

Locally, Howle commented that SWLA consumers tend to lean toward the more traditional styles, but as the area grows, the company has seen more interest in modern styles, with a wider range of tastes than in years past.

Other trends nationwide include:

Exposed cords in styles like pendant lamps designed to leave cords visible, giving a composed but relaxed feel to a room. Matte finishes are preferred over shiny metallics and are perfect to pull together a modern look. Reclaimed materials like unfinished metal or repurposed wood are becoming more popular, especially in rustic or farmhouse styles. Larger fixtures are another trend — think oversized, sculptural shades and bolder lines. 


What we put on our floors makes a huge impact on the atmosphere of our home. 

Vinyl flooring serves as a durable, easy-to-clean, budget-friendly option in several varieties such as luxury vinyl tile. "LVT is overwhelming the market right now,” said Kenny Fusilier at Kenny Fusilier & Co. Flooring. Though carpet still sells, it’s losing ground to LVT. This material mimics high-end options like hardwoods or marble but costs much less and has less upkeep. It’s a great alternative for families, pet owners, or for high-traffic areas in the home.


Character in wood flooring is also very popular, going hand-in-hand with the reclaimed wood trend. Choose flooring boards with knots, markings, and wire brushing to enhance the charm and give a more natural feel. 

Eco-friendly options from sustainable and renewable resources such as bamboo, cork, and reclaimed wood top the charts this year. Carpet manufacturers likewise are considering the environment in their manufacturing, with styles made with 100% post-consumer plastics.

Window Treatments

Curtains, sheers, and blinds are both functional and beautiful. Budget Blinds, Lake Charles offers something to fit every style and need.

Natural shades made from renewable and natural resources are a great option for your home and the environment! This trend is available in a variety of colors and styles. Paired with a blackout curtain, woven wood shades are a perfect option for light control and style. Soft curtains bring a room to life with a well-paired design or a pop of color.

Dual shades integrate two layers of fabric that can be independently lowered and raised. This creates versatile light and privacy levels, making your home beautiful and energy efficient.

Cordless shades are made with new safety regulations in place for childproofing. Whether you have children to protect or you simply prefer a sleek silhouette, this is a great trend.

Solar shades make your home more energy efficient while also reducing glare and protecting your furnishings from UV rays, especially on patios and in sunrooms. Choose muted colors in grays, soft whites, neutrals, and soft blue tones. 


Both in the kitchen and bathroom, countertops should be durable and low-maintenance, while also contributing beauty to the room. Look for these trends:

Veiny or patterned materials are growing in popularity, such as quartz made to mimic the natural character of marble or granite. These man-made pieces add texture to your room without the price tag of other stones. Unlike granite, quartz is non-porous and low maintenance, not requiring a sealant or frequent upkeep.

Neutral tones, such as soft grays, white, beige, greige (a beige-gray combination,) and other gentle neutrals are common requests for kitchen countertops. Pair with a more graphic or patterned backsplash.

Bathroom & Kitchen Fixtures

In terms of colors, the biggest trends are brushed gold and matte black. "Though most options available in black lean toward the modern look, I expect it will branch out into the traditional style soon,” said Katie Hooper at The Plumbing Warehouse in Lake Charles. Subtle gold tones are available in both traditional and modern styles. 

In the kitchen, industrial styles continue to be popular. "Cafeteria style” faucets are trendy. Farmhouse and apron-front sinks are also popular, in white, stainless steel, copper, and cast iron.

For the bathroom, freestanding or garden tubs are all the rage – a streamlined approach from past decades when things like jets and full-body spray shower systems were common.

Exposed plumbing styles in showers are becoming more common, pairing industrial and sleek styles to create a striking look. 

Whatever trends you choose to follow, the most important thing is that your home is your own. Choose colors, styles, and materials that make you happy and bring out the best in your space.

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