Texas Furniture Trading Company Opens Downtown, The Lone Star State Comes to the Lake Area.
4/1/2019 2:00:00 PM

Texas Furniture

There are a lot of new and interesting things happening in downtown Lake Charles lately. Along with some exciting new music venues, an innovative furniture design store has popped up that is sure to get a lot of attention.

The Texas Furniture Trading Company is owned and operated by David Mitchell. This Bridge City, Texas native offers high quality urban and industrial-style furniture. 

Mitchell’s dream began with his frustration over the poor quality of industrial dining tables and home décor seen in typical furniture stores. 

"My background is in residential real estate,” he says. When he was furnishing a commercial building he owned, he wanted to create a place for people to enjoy themselves in a comfortable and unique environment. Mitchell soon realized that he had to step out of the box to find not only quality items, but unique pieces, as well. This ultimately motivated him to create them himself.

Since quality was so important to him, he decided to build what he wanted. He scoured the internet looking for ideas. Shortly after, he was in his shop, designing and building.

Mitchell admits he has no training. "I have ADD, that’s how I create this stuff!” he says, with a laugh. "I trained myself – hours upon hours and sleepless nights.”

While his workshop (along with his farm and home) is in Bridge City, he decided to open his storefront in Lake Charles. "I chose Lake Charles because of the people,” he says.  "They’re very cool, laid-back, out-of-the-box thinkers.”

Mitchell specializes in custom design, but there is also furniture for sale in his store, all quite unique. "My clients prefer pieces that are hard to find.”

If you’re interested in a custom piece, he will meet with you to get your ideas, then put together a design for your approval. He prides himself on the exceptional quality of his work, and your purchase will most certainly be a conversation piece in your home. "I like to push the envelope on quality and style,” he adds. "I personally like things a little edgy.”

Speaking of edgy, take a look at his "live edge” countertops and tables, where Mitchell incorporates the natural edge of the wood into the design of the piece. It’s no wonder the company now ships all over, especially to the East Coast. 

What’s ahead for Texas Furniture Trading Company? "I enjoy my time at my farm in Bridge City, but I also love looking globally for new projects to build,” he says. "Eventually, I plan to franchise the operation.”

So, next time you’re downtown, visit Mitchell for the very latest in urban/industrial design. You may just come away with a conversation piece of your own. 

Texas Furniture Trading Company, 706 Ryan Street, Lake Charles, (909) 964-2619. Check them out on Facebook or www.texasfurnituretradingcompany.com

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