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Eat Eggstravagantly!
5/1/2019 1:00:00 PM

Eat Eggstavagantly

Eggs are a staple of our kitchens, yet few ingredients have faced such a rollercoaster of opinions. With their nutritional value and health benefits constantly in question, eggs are a controversial – and essential – element of almost all cuisines. 

May is National Egg Month so let’s take a look at the latest research on their health status, and some recipes to help you make use of this wonderfully versatile protein source.

Nutritional Value & Health Benefits

Most people who avoid eggs do so because they’re trying to limit their cholesterol intake. Though some may find that their doctor wants them to lower their dietary cholesterol – especially those with diabetes or preexisting high cholesterol – healthy people need not worry. In fact, 70% of people who eat eggs see no change in their cholesterol at all! If you’re still concerned, the egg yolk contains all the cholesterol, so a single whole egg combined with a few extra egg whites is a great compromise. Don’t omit the yolks altogether, though, since they also contain most of the nutrients.

Eggs are full of natural, beneficial goodness that your body needs. Here’s just a few of the perks from eating eggs:

- Eggs are packed with vitamins and minerals, including 6% of the recommended daily value for Vitamin A, 5% for Folate, 15% of Vitamin B2, and 9% of B12.

- Need a protein boost? A single egg contains six grams of protein. Plus, the protein in eggs is high quality and easy for the body to digest, with all the necessary amino acids present in the right ratios.

- Ever heard of choline? Most people haven’t, but this crucial nutrient helps many bodily functions, including building cell membranes. One egg gives you 100 mg of this essential element.

- Because eggs are so filling and protein-rich, they make an excellent addition to a weight-management diet. At a mere 80 calories per egg, they’re nutrient-dense and will give you the energy boost you need without the crash caused by sugars and refined carbs. 

Versatility & Recipes

So, now you know eggs are healthy. But let’s be honest, we can get bored with the same-old sunny-side-up or mound of scrambled egg. 

Aside from their powerhouse food status, eggs are wonderful because their uses are nearly limitless. Virtually all cultural traditions and cuisines have egg-based recipes, so whatever your favorite flavors, eggs will complement them!

Try these recipes to up your egg game:

Slow-Scrambled Eggs: Heat a nonstick skillet over low heat. Add a knob or two of butter and melt. Whisk eggs and add to pan (season with kosher salt and cracked black pepper). Stir continuously over low heat until the eggs come together into a delicious, custardy consistency. Remove from heat and continue to stir as eggs finish cooking. Serve with fruit, toast, or your other favorite breakfast sides!

Easy Egg Tacos: Serve over-easy fried eggs on corn tortillas topped with salsa, cheese, shredded red cabbage, lime juice, and any other taco toppings you enjoy.

Creamy Carbonara: Cook pasta to al dente. Drain. Scramble a couple of eggs with a handful of grated Parmesan cheese. Quickly stir the scrambled eggs into the piping hot pasta and watch as it transforms into a creamy sauce. Add crumbled bacon and some green peas for a fresh, delicious bowl of pasta carbonara. 

Enjoying an egg or two will boost your diet, fill you up, provide your body with necessary nutrients, and offer you a delicious options.

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