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Café Fit and Sports Grille Offers Healthy Menu Options
6/1/2019 1:00:00 PM
Cafe Fit
Cafe Fit

Good food is easy to find in Lake Charles. Great food – now that’s a different story. Great food is not only tasty, but also leaves you healthier. It helps you work, play, and live better. Food is meant to be enjoyed but also to nourish. 

Café Fit and Sports Grille is one such restaurant. You’ll find a clean and intimate sports café with a bar and sports-programming televisions lining the walls. The first clue you’ve entered someplace different is a section devoted to exercise supplements. The obvious clue is when you peruse the menu.

Café Fit recognizes that today’s customer demands nutritious options. The Fit Platters offer healthier prepared meats or a veggie patty with wholesome sides. You can choose whole wheat or spinach options for their quesadillas or wraps. If you’re a keto dieter, check out the mushroom cap burger without the bun. The breakfast menu offers a wide array of delicious options with some nutrition as well.

Fit Café also offers vegetarian/vegan options. You cannot eat healthy without eating more plants. The mixed berry and spinach salad was beautifully presented and very tasty. Enjoy a savory vegetable soup and sample delicious sauces with the cauliflower nachos. The build-your-own-pizza allows you to choose your ingredients. They offer a tasty cauliflower crust – try the avocado sauce with mushroom and tomato toppings. It’s the kind of food the whole family can appreciate. These types of meals give you energy instead of taking it away.

Owner Tori Touchet is as interesting and lively as her establishment. Health enthusiasts always have a story, and Touchet is no different. She grew up with a passion for cooking, often experimenting with substituting healthier ingredients where she could. Her interest in health led her into the dental health field where she discovered that oral health and body health are connected. She says her most difficult class in dental hygiene school was nutrition, which taught her the vital connection between food and oral health. Her restaurant was born from this marriage of interests in healthy cooking and encouraging her patients toward better nutrition.

Touchet’s primary goal for Café Fit is to help those customers who want to eat healthy but don’t know where to start. She developed a meal prep menu assisted by a nutritionist. Customers can tell Touchet their nutritional goals, and she will adjust the meal plan accordingly. Currently, she offers a "keto” or a "clean” meal plan. They also deliver through the Waitr app.

Touchet’s motivations for health promotion are reflected in her business. While not all menu items are healthy, she makes it easier to dine nutritiously if that’s what you’re looking for. No matter what your hunger may be, you can satisfy it at Café Fit and Sports Grille.

Anatole Karpovs MD is a local physician with a unique certification in culinary medicine. He strives to promote area businesses that promote good health.

Café Fit is located at 3939 Ryan Street, Lake Charles, 337-602-6963. 




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