What Your Hair Colorist Wishes You Knew
6/1/2019 1:00:00 PM


Going to the salon to get hair color is a process that sometimes involves spending a whole day at the salon and shelling out some serious money, so it’s normal to expect perfect results every time. However, there are a few mistakes customers sometimes make when getting their hair professionally colored that could mean they don’t get the results they dreamed of. 

To find out what your hair colorist wishes you knew, we interviewed Johnnie LaFleur, master stylist at Indulgence Salon and Gifts. 

You shouldn’t keep secrets

It’s tempting to just get the hair color you’re looking for out of a box from the grocery store, and many of us have given in to that particular temptation. But box dye is really bad for hair. Unlike the hair color professionals use, box dye simply stains the proteins of the hair, which can cause patchy bands of color and strange tones that you might not be able to see, but will show up when your stylist puts color on top. 

"You colorist needs to know what’s been on the hair,” LaFleur says. "Because the way its going to react with more color could cause damage.” 

Ask us how to care for your colored hair

Hair color can be difficult to maintain, especially blonde. You really need a special shampoo to protect your colored hair and make it look salon-fresh for longer. Hair that’s been lightened has a tendency to turn yellow or "brassy” over time, especially if you’re going to be in pools or out in the sun. Your stylist isn’t merely trying to upsell you when he or she recommends that you need a special shampoo and conditioner. "Purple” products keep those brassy tones out of blonde hair, and color-protecting products keep all that money you spent on hair color from literally going down the drain. 


"Definitely use a color-treated shampoo,” LaFleur says. "Because it’s designed to keep color more vibrant and not fade as fast. In fact, I like to know all the styling products my customers use, and I really prefer they all come from me, so I know what’s been on their hair.” 

Understand that most blonde isn’t built in a day

If you’ve never colored your hair before and want a few subtle highlights, your appointment probably won’t take too long. But if your hair has been dyed a deeper shade and you’re ready to go platinum, don’t expect to be in and out of the salon in an hour. 

The first stage of lifting hair to a lighter color involves bleach. But don’t worry, your stylist knows what he or she is doing and isn’t going to damage your hair. This process can take a good hour or two, depending on how dark your hair is. In the next step, your colorist then applies a toner, which will take out all the yellow tints and get you to your perfect blond hue. All told, the entire process can take around three hours, or even longer, so don’t schedule an appointment to go platinum on your lunch break. 

While everyone loves a bargain, if you find a colorist who does a great job, it’s better to stick with that person than start all over again with someone new who doesn’t know your hair. 

"Don’t jump from stylist to stylist,” LaFleur says. "Your stylist knows what’s going on with your hair and how to get the best results.”

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