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Mr. Clint’s
7/1/2019 1:00:00 PM

Mr. Clint’s

Take a short drive down I-10 to Welsh, LA, and transport yourself back to your childhood in this cool retro confectionary.

Clint Hardy worked off-shore for most of his career until an illness prevented him from continuing in that line of work. Never one to sit around, he and his family decided to fast-track a life-long dream of his. Nowadays, Hardy tends bar, but not the type you’d imagine. He owns and operates a sweets and soda bar! Hardy sells vintage candies and novelties, gourmet popcorn, and a large selection of unique sodas – over 75 in all. 

More than that, Hardy ultimately sells nostalgia. "Everyone thinks candy shops are for the kids, but I love it when the adults get excited,” he says.

Charles Granger, age 69 and one of Mr. Clint’s regulars, comes into the shop once or twice a week, mostly for the grandkids, he says. "But when I come in, I treat myself, too.” On a recent visit, he bought a chilled Boylan Birch Beer to go.

Hardy opened his store on Halloween Day, 2018. He’s maintained a steady family-run business since then. His sons, Taylor, age 17, and Cash, age 8, and his wife Sherry help out in their free time. Hardy is currently expanding his shop and plans to add a few working pinball machines, an old-fashioned carousel, vintage toys, t-shirts and caps, and of course, space for more candy. 

Somewhat of a surprise, Hardy says his best-selling candy is candy cigarettes! Likely two reasons; one, it’s hard to find them anywhere else, and two . . . nostalgia. His most popular soda is – wait for it – Martian Poop, which is actually blackberry flavored. He says his most unusual item is chocolate-covered bacon.

Hardy says Mr. Clint’s is a happy place. "People walk in with a smile on their face. That makes me feel like I’ve done something right.”

Located at 205 S. Adams St. within the Mercantile 54 Trading Company in Welsh, Louisiana. Find Mr. Clint’s on Facebook, @Mr.Clints.

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