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Salads on Nelson: New Franchises Toss their Bowls into the Lake Charles Restaurant Mix
9/1/2019 1:00:00 PM

Salads on Nelson

If you love salads and a huge variety of ingredient options, Nelson Rd. is your new health food haven. Not to say there aren’t good salads at restaurants all over Southwest Louisiana, but several new salad-based eateries have recently popped up along this South Lake Charles thoroughfare. 

Like any businesses that serve basically the same product, there are similarities and differences. Some create your salad for you with ingredients of your choice or pre-designed company concoctions, Subway-style. Others allow you to dish up your own meal, like a giant salad bar on growth hormones. Some serve primarily salads, while others offer other dishes for those who like something a bit heartier.

Salata Salad Kitchen

Enter Salata and you’ll find a clean and refreshing atmosphere. Eat one of their personalized salads and you will also feel clean and refreshed. Historically, Lake Charles dining has been lacking in health-promoting options. Salata is part of the fresh food revolution bringing Calcasieu Parish choices that are healthy, ecologically friendly, and most importantly, delicious.

Salata’s menu is like a wholesome trail guide taking you through an unlimited range of salad creations. You start by choosing a base of greens, which you may mix and match, then move on to an array of over 50 additions. They have all the usual favorites to pick from, but also offer unique toppings such as jicama, pea sprouts, falafel, and quinoa. Choose from 12 protein additions including plant-based options. Then top it off with one of ten flavorful house dressings.

Salads and wraps are Salata’s raison d’etre, but they also offer three fantastic soup choices: a rich tomato basil soup, a creamy broccoli soup, and a surprisingly savory chipotle white bean. They feature unique and tantalizing spice profiles, which could serve as stand-alone meals. Salata also has a unique variety of teas on tap for those herbal tea lovers out there.

Salata offers a personalized way for the whole family to be kinder and gentler to their bodies while eating out. Adults will appreciate that each menu item lists caloric content. Kids will appreciate the opportunity to choose their own flavors. Providing visual options can encourage picky eaters to be more adventurous. Make a game out of it by challenging kids to have the most colors on the plate.

The Salad Station 

When is fast food good for you? When it is fast, filling, and helps your body. That’s the kind of meal you’ll find at The Salad Station. The explosion of healthful options in the Lake Area is by design. Consumers are more aware than ever that their family's well-being is affected largely by what they put into their bodies.

At The Salad Station, you have the kind of choices that put you squarely in the nutritional driver’s seat. The restaurant is a massive salad bar with one of the largest selections of toppings one can find in the city. They have over 80 wholesome and filling choices. Diners can also ask for a prepared wrap or salad. Finish your custom creation with one of sixteen house dressings. They have one for any taste profile from a spicy jalapeno ranch to a sweet and tangy raspberry vinaigrette.

Want a hot item to go with the salad or as a stand-alone meal? Choose from five soups: broccoli and cheese, tomato basil, baked potato, or homestyle chili, or one of six daily soup specials. There is also a spud bar with several tasty toppings. And they offer other cooked options such as chicken kabobs, sauteed mushrooms, and roasted veggies.

The Salad Station’s pay-by-the-pound system allows you to control not only portion size but cost. While many restaurants may offer healthy choices, often the portions are too large for one person. Leftover salad is hard to enjoy because it quickly becomes wilted and soggy and you can end up with a lot of food waste. The savvy diner at The Salad Station can cut down on cost and food waste by limiting portion size. So if you are looking for health-conscious and environmentally kind meal for the body, mind, and wallet, you’ll find it at The Salad Station.

Clean Juice

The perceptive health-food aficionado will find an outstanding checklist of wholesomeness on the menu at Clean Juice. Plant-based meals – check. Freshly prepared juices or smoothies – check. Whole food ingredients – check. A large selection of certified organic items – check. You would be hard-pressed (or maybe cold-pressed would be the better term) to find a more health-conscious foodie atmosphere in Lake Charles.

While Clean Juice may be known for fresh-pressed juices and smoothies, they also offer a wide variety of whole food options for those who want something more substantial, including their signature organic Greenoa™ Bowls (think greens and grains). A unique combination of key food groups, each of the three new bowls provides a blend of quinoa, grains and other nutritious ingredients on a bed of organic greens. They are prepared with the highest-quality ingredients and all under 420 calories. Beginning Sept. 7, in addition to three regular menu Bowls, Clean Juice will feature their first seasonal Greenoa™ Bowl called Autumn Crisp, made with 14 types of organic mixed greens, quinoa (excellent source of protein), handmade pumpkin hummus, diced apples, feta cheese, and pumpkin seeds. $10.95 and 250 calories. 

Clean Juice caters to the nutrition-literate diner on the go. Their food prep is remarkably efficient and done in full view of the customer. A drive-through window is also available. The concept is brilliant in its simplicity. If you build a plant-based, organic eatery with the efficiency of a Starbucks, they will come.



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