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Sassy Oil & Vinegar
9/1/2019 1:00:00 PM
Sassy Oil & Vinegar

In 2013, Liz Fuselier and her start-up, Sassy Oil & Vinegar moved into the SEED Center Business Incubator. In 2017, she opened the Café on the SEED Center’s first floor. In addition to very reasonably priced coffee (75 cents a cup!) the Café also serves as home base for her oils and vinegars. She hosts "Tasting Socials” in the café or in homes and demonstrates how to use her exceptional products. She’s a mobile retailer and can take these events on the road, as well. She also offers on-line ordering, gift baskets, and free delivery in Southwest Louisiana.

Fuselier first became interested in oils and vinegars after discovering a store dedicated to these products while on vacation in 2011. "I found it to be an intriguing idea which started my research on olive oils, balsamic vinegars, and the health benefits and uses of these interesting and unique products. During my research, I found that the flavored infused oil and vinegar business was relatively new to the United States at that time. In 2012, I opened the first business in this area dedicated to selling flavored infused olive oil and balsamic vinegars.”

Sassy Oil & Vinegar provides consumers with the finest quality olive oils and balsamic vinegars and educates them on the many varietal uses. Customers sample and learn about how they can use the flavors they like without pressure to purchase. "Our products sell themselves!” Fuselier says.

Fuselier has over 50 oils and over 100 vinegars, blends, and balsamics to choose from. She sources her oils from regions around the world such as Spain, Tunisia, Morocco, and elsewhere. Her balsamics come from Italy. "With this many varieties, we are able to rotate and try new flavors. I love playing with food!” She encourages clients to be creative with her products. For example, balsamics can be used to flavor cocktails or ice cream.

Earlier this year, McNeese State University asked Fuselier if she would be willing to stock meats from their Center for Advancement of Meat Production and Processing (CAMPP) in the Café. As a McNeese alumna, she eagerly agreed. "I am grateful for the opportunity to help promote these meats and inform people about this terrific program. I provide recipes cards and suggestions on pairings for the perfect combination for the beef, pork and lamb cuts we have in the freezer.”

Fuselier serves locally roasted Acadian Coffee in the SEED Center Café. While she does not generally serve food there, she does offer small group catering and occasional pop-up weekly specials. Find her on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter for these announcements.

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