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Local Pop Stars - You’ll find gourmet popcorn & more at RhinoPOP
10/1/2019 1:00:00 PM

Things are popping down on Lake Street! Happy snackers are being spotted around the Lake Area with bags of brightly colored popcorn, and it’s all thanks to RhinoPOP.

RhinoPOP is a gourmet popcorn and candy shop owned and operated by Lake Area natives and McNeese alumni Ryan and Tracy Doucet. The shop is a riot of colorful popcorn and candies and awash with smiles from the staff. They also offer fudge, taffy, soda pops, and gift baskets.

Just a few short years ago, owning a  business was simply an aspiration. Ryan says it had been a desire for many years. "I wanted to do something, be part of the community, you know; give back.” Until 2017, the desire remained unshaped. Ryan researched different business types and numerous ideas. "None of them panned out until I got some random internet searches and came across this style of business.” It struck a chord with the Doucets. After some discussion, they decided to go ahead with it. They sought some startup consultation and laid plans, developing what would become RhinoPOP. Tracy adds, "We created it, added things, eventually coming up with an old-fashioned candy store.”

What next ensued was a blizzard of paperwork to create a legal entity and acquire a storefront. Once the paperwork was completed, there was the hard wait of processing times. "Nobody’s in as big a hurry as you are,” Ryan says, with a laugh. They also sought the assistance of the McNeese SEED Center and were given guidance with processing and finding necessary information. "They were a good resource for us,” Ryan says. With the legal and administrative hurdles cleared, RhinoPOP was ready to be born.

When visiting RhinoPOP for the first time, a customer should allow a few minutes to decide what to order because the choices are myriad. Popcorn? Awesome; sweet or savory? Choose from extra buttery caramel, garlic parmesan, cornfetti, jalapeno cheddar, dark chocolate sea salt, or mama munch? Even dill pickle! There are 60 flavors and combinations available to tickle any palate. And that’s just the popcorn!

RhinoPOP also sells vintage candies. According to the Doucets, many customers are parents and grandparents bringing their children. "They enjoy seeing the nostalgic candies,” Ryan says. "You can’t find [some of these] anywhere else.” The Doucets also sell several brands of refreshing craft sodas in a wide variety of flavors. "Kids and adults love them,” Tracy says.  Whatever a customer chooses, they’re sure to come away smiling.

RhinoPOP is also known for their unique, custom-made gift baskets in a variety of sizes. Combine popcorn, candy, fudge, taffy, and sodas for a great gift or thank-you item. The popcorn and fudge are made fresh on the premises.There are also popcorn tins celebrating the various armed services, and of course McNeese State University!


RhinoPOP is located at 4211 Lake Street. Contact them at 337-564-6290 or find them on Facebook, Instagram, or their website,

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