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Top Spots for Hot Chocolate
1/1/2020 1:00:00 PM
Hot Chocolate

Cool winter days find us longing to wrap our frigid fingers around something warm and steamy – like a mug of hot cocoa! We did some sweet research to find several unique and exceptional varieties at local establishments. You’re welcome!

Boombox’s hot chocolate is made with locally sourced milk, melted dark chocolate, course sea salt, and vanilla, and then crowned with a giant homemade toasted marshmallow. It is the definition of decadent! 

104 W. Pujo St., Lake Charles.

Nomad Joe Roaming Espresso offers a hot cocoa with Ghirardelli Sweet Ground Chocolate or Vegan Hollander Dutch Chocolate Sauce stirred into steamed milk. They have dairy and non-dairy milk options and whipped cream to top it off. Your choice of their flavored syrups can be added to create a masterpiece made to order. Locations change weekly and are updated on their Instagram and Facebook pages on Mondays. 

Email or call 337-764-5901 for more info.

Casa Sombroso Authentic Mexican Food Truck offers a cultural spin on hot cocoa. Theirs is a secret family recipe made with three types of milk, hints of cinnamon and Mexican vanilla, and topped with a swirled dollop of whipped cream.

Their food truck is often found at 2501 Opelousas St. but call to verify. 337-707-3992.

Common Grounds Sit and Chill Coffee Shop whips up an indulgent, made-from scratch hot chocolate. Ingredients include a Dutch Process baking cocoa, powdered sugar, evaporated milk, and a dash of salt, all mixed with steamed 2% milk and chocolate sauce. They also offer a white chocolate variety made with white chocolate sauce, white chocolate syrup, and milk. Any of their flavored syrups can be added to the cocoa, and peppermint is a favorite. Swirl and sip through a Pirouline swizzle stick!

Located at 619 Ryan St., Lake Charles.

PJ’s Coffee offers Frozen Hot Chocolate, a chilling twist on classic cocoa. Here in the south, we often have warmer weather days that might put you in the mood for something cooler to drink. All their hot chocolates are made with rich Ghirardelli® chocolate. 

3625 Nelson Rd., Lake Charles.

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