King Cake Exchange Parties: What They Are & How to Host One
2/1/2020 1:00:00 PM
King Cake Party

Everyone in Louisiana knows about king cakes, that sweet treat decorated in Mardi Gras colors and swirled around delicious fillings and a tiny plastic baby. They can be found in every bakery and grocery store in Louisiana this time of year. But have you heard about king cake exchange parties? They’re relatively new — the first ones started popping up in 2016 — but they’re a great way to breathe new life into Mardi Gras traditions.

What is A King Cake Exchange Party?

Here’s how it works: each guest at the party brings a king cake. These can be purchased from a favorite bakery, a standard grocery store, or even homemade versions, if a guest feels ambitious! The host slices each cake into the same number of pieces as there are guests.

Each guest then builds their own cake to take home, made up of one slice of each cake that was brought. Think of a cheesecake sampler, where there are slices of several different flavors. Everyone goes home with a king cake sampler!

Tips for Hosting A Perfect King Cake Party

Want to host your own party? Here are a few things to do to make sure it will be a success.

Keep the guest list to around two dozen or less. Any more, and it’ll get tricky to slice cakes into decent pieces while also having enough for everyone. Plus, there are a limited number of cake flavors, and this way, you can make sure there’s a good variety without too many duplicates. 

Ask guests ahead of time where they will be buying their cake, or what flavor they’re planning on bringing. This helps keep the variety wide and prevents too many people from showing up with, say, Bavarian Cream! The goal, after all, is to taste a lot of different flavors and styles.

Prepare a display table where guests can set their cakes as they arrive. Ensure you have enough serving utensils on hand. You can decide whether to tell guests to bring their own box to carry their cake home in, or if you’ll provide containers. Either way, make sure they have one, and provide some way to label boxes so they don’t get mixed up.

Have your guests write down where the cake is from, what flavor it contains, and a bit about why they chose that particular one. Place these notes alongside the cakes so guests can see them as they assemble their samplers.

Laissez les bons temps rouler at your king cake party this year!

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