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Food Delivery Options Wide Open in SWLA
3/1/2020 12:00:00 AM

Food Delivery

In years past, food delivery seemed only to apply to pizza – or Chinese food if you were lucky. But more recently, we’ve seen the paradigm shift to where you can get nearly anything delivered in no time at all.

Even so, if you ask the average SWLA resident how many food delivery services we have in town, they’d likely name two or three. Everyone knows our hometown Waitr! But over the past year or so, several others have moved into the area, giving consumers options. A total of SEVEN are now or soon to be available in the Lake Charles market.

So, which is the best value, and what are the differences between the services? Let’s break them down.

Waitr remains one of the best deals in food delivery, though people may have opinions one way or the other. Unlike many of the other delivery services, Waitr doesn’t charge additional hidden fees – just the basics: food, tax, delivery, and tip. While they’ve lost a few local favorites due to business model changes, you can still get a lot of good food delivered quickly from a professional staff . . . if it’s within their delivery radius.

GrubHub offers a quality service and boasts a lower delivery fee than most of the other carriers, though they do have an additional 5% service fee on all orders, which is common with delivery services. In addition, some of their menu items are a dollar or so more expensive than on other ordering services.

DoorDash has no set delivery fee, with some places even offering free delivery for first time orders or if a minimum amount is ordered. While this might seem to give DD an advantage, they take an additional 11% service fee which balances out that cheaper delivery. The one upside they do have on all these other delivery services is that they deliver past 10:00 p.m. While most restaurants close their kitchens around that time, Door Dash will still get you that fast food fix and chicken finger fulfillment as the clock ticks close to midnight.

Postmates currently delivers food locally, but promises to deliver more than just food in the future, for example, groceries, home appliances, etc. But for now, it’s hard to take them seriously when they impose an outrageous 23.5% service fee for any delivery order.

Gubers of SETX (pronounced Goo, not Guh) is a somewhat local food delivery service making its way into the SWLA area. For now, they’ve got a $15 minimum order for all their restaurants, and largely a flat $5 delivery fee for most places. Yet there are some major drawbacks. They also charge a 23.5% service fee as well as an additional non-cash transaction fee if you pay with credit. The upside? They primarily partner with local eateries, and they have a larger delivery radius than any of the others, which means you can get food from a place like Brown Bag Café in Moss Bluff delivered to the Chuck . . . if you’re willing to pay a slightly higher delivery fee.

Eats2Go is the newest Lake Charles-based food delivery company. They’ve got a nice app, their website is up and running, and by early this month, they should be delivering food. They propose a $5 delivery fee. We’re not certain yet if there will be additional fees., another local Louisiana start-up, looks to change the game in delivery services with their unique delivery model, making it a two-part venture that will theoretically save the consumers and businesses money. They use new progressive web app technology which can be used from both mobile devices and desktops. This new web app technology also takes up zero storage space on customers’ devices. In RoadRunner’s model, you order and pay for whatever you want directly with the store or restaurant, then head over to the app and key in where you would like the item delivered, and it’s done. Find them in the Google Play Store, roadrunnerapp.

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