Be on the Lookout for Pregnancy-Related Vision Problems
8/1/2020 1:00:00 PM

Pregnancy-Related Vision Problems

From morning sickness, cravings and swollen ankles to back ache and exhaustion, pregnancy has an impact on a woman’s health and body.  And while many women know to expect certain changes, they may not be aware that their vision might be affected. 

Ophthalmologist Dr. Donald Falgoust with Falgoust Eye Medical and Surgical, says it’s important for women to know that pregnancy can cause some changes to their eyes and vision. "Because of an increase in hormones, some women may notice changes in their vision, such as problems seeing near or far, dry eyes, puffy eyelids that obscure side vision and/or sensitivity to light,” says Dr. Falgoust  "Women can still have their eyes safely dilated while pregnant and should not hesitate to consult an eye doctor if they experience any changes in vision while pregnant.”

One common complaint among pregnant women is problems wearing contact lenses.  Dr. Falgoust explains that the cornea, the front of the eye where light enters, can thicken during pregnancy and interfere with the fit of the lens.  "You may have to stop wearing contacts until after delivery when your cornea returns to its normal thickness.”

He adds that women who wear glasses may also notice changes in vision. "Although a slight change is usually nothing to worry about, it’s a good idea to discuss this with your obstetrician and consult an eye doctor if the problem worsens.  Fortunately, most women won’t require a change in prescription and many find they can go back to their contacts once they have delivered or stopped breastfeeding.”

Other possible eye health and vision problems women might experience during pregnancy include:

Dry Eyes

This is usually temporary and goes away after delivery. Lubricating or rewetting drops are perfectly safe to use while you are pregnant or nursing.


Migraine Headaches 

Migraine headaches linked to hormonal changes are very common in pregnant women. In some cases, painful migraine headaches make eyes feel more sensitive to light. 


There is an increased risk of developing diabetes during pregnancy. Blurred vision may indicate an elevation of blood sugar levels. All women who are pregnant or who are planning to become pregnant and have been diagnosed with diabetes should get a dilated eye exam.

High Blood Pressure

In some instances, a woman may experience blurry vision or spots in front of her eyes while pregnant.  These symptoms can be caused by an increase in blood pressure during pregnancy. 

Dr. Falgoust says any symptoms of blurred vision and seeing spots, which are related to more serious health conditions, should be discussed with a doctor immediately.

"The main message we want to convey is that although a woman’s focus during this time is her pregnancy and baby, it’s important to pay attention to any vision changes as well,” says Dr. Falgoust. 

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