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Back to School after the Holiday Break
1/3/2019 11:59:30 AM
Back to School

Everything is merry and bright until you realize that your formerly-precious angels who have turned tinsel into weapons they are now brandishing haphazardly near the Spode china are about to go back to school. While you may be sighing in relief, it can be hard for your children to make that transition back to the classroom smoothly after weeks of sleeping late and staying up at night to watch Netflix. How do you set them up for success in school for 2019? 

Start a week before they return to school. Let them have as much free rein as they want until one week before returning to school, and then ease them back into their routines.
Adjust their sleeping habits. Start by imposing a bed time closer to what they have during school. You can do this gradually, until the night before school starts when they are back on their normal bedtime routine. Additionally, begin gradually waking them up earlier until they are close to their normal wake-up time. Doing these two things will help them to be well-rested and alert during the first week back and make those January mornings much easier. 

Monitor their homework progress and set new goals. Older children may have homework over the break. It is important to monitor the progress of their homework over any holiday so that it isn’t a stressful scramble the day before students return, and so they are doing their best work. Even if your child does not have homework, the holiday break is a great time to sit down with them and discuss goal-setting for the new year. Perhaps if your child struggled for the first half of the year with math, they can set a goal to study the subject outside of their homework for an extra fifteen minutes a week using tools like kahnacademy.org or prodigygame.com. They might also set goals that help them be more organized, like writing homework down in a planner every day, or cleaning out their backpack once a week. Just as adults like to set resolutions to improve themselves, children can set resolutions to improve their school performance. 

Make time for reading. For many students, the last thing they want to spend their holiday break doing is reading. It might be tempting to let them do nothing but watch television and play their favorite non-educational video games, but limiting their screen time and boosting their literacy will make the transition back to school so much easier. If your child is already a great reader, letting them read a book or news articles from Newsela is a great way to spend twenty minutes a day over the break. If your child is a struggling reader, and you’re not sure how to help, check out the following educational apps or web programs: 
  • PK-1st Grade-Homer: Kids Learn to Read
  • PK-5TH Grade- Lexia Core 5 Reading
  • K-8th Grade- Read With Me Fluency
  • 6-12th Grade-Reading Success Lab
Set your children up for success by helping make their transitions back into the classroom smooth and easy. 
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