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Bringing the Outdoors In for Summer
7/8/2014 12:16:39 PM

Outdoors In

Summer is here and many people flock to the water to beat the sweltering heat. But, if you aren't able to dig your toes into the sand, skip stones on a peaceful lake or nap on your favorite float in the pool, there are things you can do to bring the summer inside your home or office, according to local interior designer Daryl L. Boyd of Daryl Boyd Designs.

"After winter, most people are ready to shed the sweaters, scarves and coats in exchange for tank tops, shorts and flip flops, but don't forget your home décor in the process. Think about what you love outdoors and bring it inside,” Boyd said. "Pick a theme – sailboats, beach or nautical.”

One of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to change the look of a room is with paint.

"You can paint the whole room or just an accent wall,” he said. "Choose colors that are light and airy – think of beaches, sky, ocean and clouds. Soft hues of blue, aqua, sea foam, beige, tans, and even white, work in brightening a room.”

A great way to lighten a room, Boyd said, is through your furniture.

"Whitewash a coffee table, end tables or a hutch. By distressing the furniture you can give it a weathered appearance,” he said.

As for accessories, pillows can do wonders in transforming a room.

"Switch out your throw pillows with bright vibrant colors,” Boyd said. "Think of beach umbrellas, beach balls and similar summer items. Outdoor throw pillows work well inside, as well as outside.”

Boyd said to ditch the bulky candlesticks for sand, seashells — and candles.

"Fill a medium sized, wide-mouthed, clear vase half with sand and top it off with a layer of seashells,” Boyd said. Fill mason jars and sand and add votives in colors of white, aqua, sea foam and other summer hues.”

"Use large seashells and starfish on tables, on the mantle and in shadow boxesthroughout your home or office,” he added.
Also, Boyd suggested that you change out your wall art and replace it with beach scenes, warm outdoor scenes, sailboats, palm trees and other pieces with a summer feel.

"Change your photographs and replace them with memorable family summer vacation pictures,” he said.

You need not exhaust your summer vacation fund to pay for these design changes.

"A great way to find items to change the look of your room is through flea markets and garage sales,” Boyd said. "You can fund many items that will go with your theme. Look for light-colored picture frames, inexpensive furniture, wicker baskets, seagull sculptures, outdoor lanterns, or clear vases. The possibilities are limitless.”

For more design ideas, you can contact Boyd at 337-540-5893 or facebook.com/darylboyddesigns.

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