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Family Game Night
8/6/2018 12:06:48 PM
Game Night

It’s Saturday night, and you can’t possibly watch Ant-Man one more time. You need to shake things up enough to engage the seven-year-old and simultaneously make the fifteen-year-old put down her phone for just a few hours. Family game night is a perfect way to bring your loved ones together for an evening of entertainment and bonding that will create the kinds of memories your family will cherish and look back on years down the road. Dig into your board game closet or try a few ideas below to create those "remember-when” moments.

All you need is a deck of cards and one less spoon than you have family members. Sit in a circle and place the spoons between the players. Each player begins with four cards in their hand. Pass a deck of cards around the circle one card at a time from one person to the next. The goal is to get four cards of the same rank, so if you get a card you need, discretely pass a different card to the next player. Once a player gets four cards of the same rank, they want to quietly grab a spoon. Once any other player notices, they also want to grab a spoon quickly, so they aren’t left without one. 

There are tons of fun Minute-to-Win-It ideas to discover and play during a family game night; just do a Google search, but below are a few family favorites. 

Beans in the Bowl
What you need are straws, a timer, paper bowls, and beans that are bigger than the end of the straws. Each player gets two bowls; one with beans, the other empty. The object is, when someone calls for a start, players try to move beans from the full bowl to the empty bowl using only the straw. The player who has moved the most beans from the full bowl to the empty one in sixty seconds wins! For a tastier time, use M&M’s. 

Face the Cookie
This game is great for all ages and will garner heaps of laughs. Each player gets the same sized cookie. The person in charge of the game has each player stand and lean his or her head back. A cookie is placed on their foreheads. When the person in charge says start, the player to eat their cookie first without using their hands is the winner. This is best done on a tile or wood floor to avoid a big mess. 

The Leaning Tower of Cups
This is a simple game, but harder than it sounds. All you need is a timer and plastic cups. When the timer begins, the player to stack the tallest tower of plastic cups without them crashing to the floor is the champion!

Family game night doesn’t necessarily mean an evening at home. Here are a few local family-friendly places to have a great time with your brood; and no prep or clean-up – bonus!

Games Around Town
Lake Area Adventures
If you’re looking for an exciting way to spend time with your family outdoors doing things like obstacle course racing, paint ball games, or guided kayak tours, look no further than Lake Area Adventures. www.lakeareaadventures.com

Putt-Putt Fun Center
Whether you want to see who in your family can get a hole-in-one first, or swing away in the batting cages, Putt-Putt Fun Center is a great way to spend a night out. 

Petro Bowl
During your spare evenings, spend a few hours enjoying a competitive bowling tournament with your family – with or without bumpers.
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