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Get a Room!
8/28/2018 12:15:55 PM
Get a Room!

After a long, hot summer, autumn is on its way, ushering in cooler weather and all the changes that a new season brings. Now is a good time to think about making some exciting transformations in your home – and there’s a new store in town that will help you every step of the way.

Lance Thomas and Drew Hoffpauir are the proud co-owners of Room Service Home Décor and Design, which recently opened in Lake Charles. Thomas, who is also the in-house designer, said he and Hoffpauir decided to open a furniture store because of their love of home and commercial design.

"We especially love boutique hotels, hence the name Room Service,” Thomas explains. "I have been an interior designer for seven years now and started my career on national television. I was a contestant on a reality show called Design Star: White Room Challenge on HGTV.”

Thomas was also the owner/designer of another store in Lake Charles, but now, he and Hoffpauir have started a new and exciting venture.  

Thomas knows that having a designer on staff helps with the buying process in answering the age-old home furnishing question: "Does this go together?” 

"Our store is different because we hand curate our entire showroom collection from a multitude of vendors and then vignette out an entire vision pulling from all of our sources,” Thomas says. "This creates a truly designer space right at the fingertips for our patrons. We have found that many people who shop online or at other furniture stores may love a given piece of furniture, but aren’t sure how to finish out the look without being ‘matchy matchy.’ We do all that work for them and showcase it here at Room Service.”

So what are the trends for fall 2018?

"Trends are a funny thing,” Thomas explains. "While there are clear evolving trends in the home décor world, as a retail store and design service, we take a bit of an unapologetic approach to home design. We believe that if there is clear intention with the design choices, trends don’t necessarily matter.”

For example, if a customer loves red and geometric patterns, it may not be considered "on trend” at the moment, but Thomas says they love to make a client’s personal taste designer and intentional . . . and thus, on trend for them.

"With that being said, here at Room Service we are seeing a lot of velvet textures this fall season,” Thomas says.  "Camel and nude-colored leathers are replacing the dark brown of seasons past. Exotic, exciting floral prints are making their way onto wall coverings, upholstery, and the like. Definitive black and white motifs are entering spaces to create a more succinct color spectrum, allowing basic neutrals to act as intentional color choices.”

Thomas says they provide discounts for purchasing a ‘look.’ "We also provide at-home consultations and design renovation so that we can better bring the distinct Room Service look to our community’s doorstep,” he continues. "All you have to do is ‘Order Room Service’ via our email: orderroomservice@gmail.com.”

Be sure to check out the unique items at Room Service and lift your home’s spirits this fall!

Room Service Home Décor and Design, 131 W. 11th St., Lake Charles, (337) 274-4755. Open Tuesday-Friday 10 a.m.- 6 p.m., Saturday 10 a.m. – 2 p.m., closed Sunday and Monday. Find them on Facebook!
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