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Love your Landscape in 2020 with these Design Trends
3/1/2020 12:00:00 AM

Landscape Design

Spending time outdoors on a daily basis is more popular than ever, and people are much more focused on the functional quality of their landscape and outdoor spaces, from expansive backyards and pool areas to patios, porches and pergolas. 

According to Richie Everage, landscape design consultant with Landscape Management, landscape design trends may shift more slowly than fashion trends, but they still change over time, especially as general lifestyle preferences move in a particular direction. "Upkeep is always a concern, but with today’s multi-functional design options and new innovations, homeowners can spend more time enjoying their personal outdoor space.” 

Here are some of the top outdoor design trends as reported by the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) from their annual survey that Everage says are becoming more popular here in Southwest Louisiana as well.

Simple & Functional

Minimalism has taken the world by storm, and outdoor spaces are adopting the trend too. NALP’s survey found people are looking for sleek, contemporary landscape designs that look good and have some useful function, preferably in multiple seasons. Everage says this includes things like native plants, sleek lighting and protective structures that allow people to spend more time outdoors year-round.

Intricate Hardscaping

Flat, uniform surfaces are giving way to more ornate, geometric ones. Homeowners are incorporating stone, concrete, and other hardscaping into their outdoor spaces and requesting waves, chevron, lattice, and basket weave patterns on everything from walkways to retaining walls, according to NALP. If you’re repaving a walkway or adding a fire feature, Everage says you can add visual interest and reflect your personal style by working in a pattern.

Customized Comfort

Everage says customized features that allow people to expand the amount of time – daily and seasonally – they can comfortably spend outdoors continue to increase in popularity. For example, pergolas, an ever-popular feature, are becoming more sophisticated, with major upgrades including rolldown windows, space heaters, lighting and sound systems. Outdoor kitchens are increasingly requested, along with ample seating space for outdoor entertaining. Fire pits and fireplaces are also becoming an expected part of outdoor living spaces. Everage says these can extend the season of the space, as well as create a natural gathering area for friends and family.

Artificial Turf

A more recent trend that is picking up here is artificial turf. Everage says one of the main reasons is less upkeep for maintaining a green lawn year-round. "Turf also expands your usable outdoor living spaces –  adding green space that is also functional. The turfed space can be treated just like a patio without adding hard surface.” says Everage.  He adds that people with pets are requesting these more and more also, due to the built-in drainage and ease of clean-up.  "We’ve also used turf to install personal putting greens.  It’s very versatile.” 

Outdoor Lighting

Another major trend for landscapes is the addition of landscape lighting, as more homeowners want to extend the usable hours of their outdoor spaces. Everage says often people start with outdoor lights for security reasons, then expand to add curb appeal and to accent specific landscape features, such as trees, statuary or water features. Fixtures can be built into the hardscaping to keep them hidden from view. "Today’s lighting features are easy to use and incorporate LED, which reduces the need for replacing burned out bulbs,” says Everage. "Systems can be hands-off, controlled from a central console or even a smartphone for added, no-worry convenience.” 

Smart Irrigation

Smart home devices have made maintaining a home easier, and they do the same outdoors, too – beyond lighting. High-tech irrigation, such as smart sprinkler systems, makes caring for large, green yard and landscaped beds easier. NALP predicts it will be a top landscape design trend in 2020.

Water Features

The demand for water features is holding steady, according to NALP’s survey, with the popularity of large water features related to hardscape installations becoming more prevalent. 

"Overall, what we are seeing is landscape planning that is more personalized for the lifestyle of the homeowners,” says Everage. "With the right plan, there’s no reason your outdoor space shouldn’t expand your usable living space and give you more ways to enjoy the time you spend at home.” 

For more information on landscape plans and design, call Landscape Management at (337) 478-3836 or visit www.landscapemanagement.org.

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