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Making Memories with your Grandchildren
8/31/2017 2:58:42 PM

Whether you see your grandchildren on a daily basis, or live out of town and see them for special occasions, grandparents play an important role in the lives of their grandchildren. If you are looking for new ways to bond with your grandchildren, here are a few ideas to help you make lasting memories with your little loved ones. 

It’s the thought that counts. 
You don’t have to buy your grandchildren the latest technology or spoil them rotten to make an impression. If you don’t live close to your grandchildren (and even if you do), carve out fifteen minutes one night a week to call them on the phone and ask how their week went. 

Children love receiving mail. 
You may want to send them a handwritten card or note once a month to give them a tangible reminder of how much you love them, and one they will treasure for years to come. 

Make a memory book. 
Taking the time to find pictures and materials to make a memory book with your grandchildren may seem daunting, but the effort will be worth it when you and your loved ones sit together laughing and sharing stories from the past about favorite family events and that time Aunt Eileen accidently lost her dentures in the potato salad at the family reunion and their dad unwittingly found them. Don’t be surprised if you find your grandchildren looking in on your shared memory book for the rest of their lives, reliving the moments you shared with them. 

Special events are not the same without you. 
For as long as you can, go. Go to their baseball games, the dance recitals, band concerts, birthday parties, Sunday lunch, and picture time before the Homecoming dance. They will feel loved and supported when you show up for the events in their lives, even if they don’t let on. Every child needs a cheering squad, and you get to be theirs. 
Even if there is nothing special happening, you can make a regular Saturday something special by taking them out for breakfast or sharing some time together at the park.

Teach them how to play the games you love, and learn the games they love. 
Maybe you and a small group of your friends get together once a week to play cards or you enjoy playing bingo once a month. Teach your grandchildren how to play, and take them with you. They will feel like they’ve entered your secret world and love every second because they are doing something special with you. Likewise, allow them to teach you their favorite board games or video games.

Keep your eyes and ears open. 
Sometimes children just want to be heard. Whether it’s talking to someone they love and trust about the intricacies of Minecraft or soccer strategies, or discussing the hard time they’re having with their parents’ divorce, to them it’s all big stuff deserving of a good listening ear. Keep those ears open and address problem issues in the loving manner that only a grandparent can. 

No matter how old they are, grandchildren need their grandparents. Simple things can keep your relationship with your littlest family members flourishing for the rest of your lives.
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