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Planes, Trains, & Aquamobiles (aka boats): How to Get to Where You Want to Go
1/1/2020 1:00:00 PM

Planes, Trains, and Aquamobiles

When it comes to vacations and travel adventures, there’s a whole world out there to explore and many different ways to get there. Here, we detail a few options and highlight some places you might want to experience.


Seasoned Southwest Louisiana travelers no doubt are familiar with that drive to a Houston airport, be it George Bush International or Hobby, as their jumping off point to their final destination. It nearly always appears to be the more economical route. But when you factor in your drive time, cost of gasoline, and parking for the duration of your trip, it may be a better deal to fly out of our own Lake Charles Regional. You can only go to either Houston on United Airlines or Dallas-Fort Worth via American Airlines, but from either of those places, you can journey on to most anyplace on earth! 

The perks of flying out of Lake Charles? A short drive to get there, free and easy parking, and no hassles to get through security. Another option often overlooked is the Lafayette airport. It’s just a bit over an hour drive, and while they do charge for parking, their TSA process is equally a breeze. From Lafayette, you can fly to Atlanta on Delta, Dallas-Ft. Worth on American, and Houston on United.


Once on board, by air is the quickest way to get to where you are going, especially if you are traveling a long distance.

Someone else is behind the wheel and you can relax.

Safety – Air travel is statistically one of the safest modes of transportation.

A bird’s eye view.


Crowded, cramped quarters

Higher cost generally, especially if there are several people traveling with you.

Potential for lost luggage.

Potential need to rent a car, incurring additional costs.

Little opportunity for movement/activity, which can be a problem on longer flights.

Travel can be disrupted by weather, mechanical problems, and other issues.

Potential turbulence.


You may or may not be aware, but Lake Charles has a train station at 100 Ryan St. and Amtrak’s Sunset Limited stops there tri-weekly. You can head west to Houston (approx. four hours) and from there ride the rails all the way to Los Angeles. If you go east, you can arrive in New Orleans in around six hours. From NOLA’s Union Passenger Terminal, you can hop aboard the City of New Orleans and go to Memphis (four hours) and Chicago (19 hours) or any of the other 16 stops along the way through America’s Mid-West.


Comfort – You can get up and walk around a train more easily than a plane. And if your trip goes overnight, you can book a sleeper car for even more comfort.

Dependability – Trains tend to run more or less on time.

Low-stress – The engineer is driving so you can relax.

The scenery – Gaze out the wall-size windows and see the countryside up close.

Also generally safe.


Train travel tends to be comparatively slow with frequent stops.

Not always more economical than airfare, and it takes longer to get to your destination.

Lack of flexibility. Routes and timings cannot be adjusted to individual preferences


Lake Charles is fortunate to have two cruise ship ports within easy driving distance – Galveston and New Orleans. From there, it’s off to the islands and beyond! Three cruise lines set sail from Galveston – Royal Caribbean, Disney Cruise Line, and Carnival. The Port of New Orleans hosts the same three cruise lines, plus Norwegian. These floating resorts are as much about the journey as the destination. While at sea, there is a plethora of activities to keep you busy and help pass the time. Or you can simply relax poolside! Once you arrive at a port of call, you can visit exciting places such as Mexico, Alaska, the Bahamas, Europe, Hawaii and the Far East.


Little to no claustrophobia, as long as you don’t mind traveling with several thousand other people.

Again, relax – the captain is at the helm.

Cruises can be pricey, but there are bargains out there; though certain amenities can be expensive, such as drink packages and spa treatments. 

More activities than you could possibly have time to do.

Food, excursions, and other amenities are generally paid for up front.

Getting a sample of several cities. If you love them, you can always return another time.

Statistically a safe bet.

You get to dress up for dinner.


Bad weather and rough seas may cause motion sickness.

Even though most cruise ships are huge, the cabins are generally small and some people experience a sense of "being trapped” while out at sea.

While at sea, internet can be sketchy. But hmm, maybe this should in the Pros list!

You have to dress up for dinner.

For more information on any form of travel, talk to a local travel agent.

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