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11/1/2019 11:00:00 AM
Seasonal Storage

It’s time to get into the holiday spirit! For most, this means decorating your home, preparing for guests and buying gifts. As you deck the halls – inside and out – you may come across a few things that you need to get out of your way temporarily. Or you may want to make room for guests. Maybe you just need a good hiding place for gifts so as not to ruin a surprise. Whatever the reason, consider taking advantage of self-storage options to decrease stress and clutter during the holidays. 

"We welcome customers during the holiday season,” said Jennifer Watts, manager of Neighborhood Mini Storage. "Many people use storage units for summer clothing and outdoor items like pool toys and floats. When you’re brining in the tree and other décor, a storage unit is an ideal place for storing furniture you need to move out of the way. What better place to hide gifts? After the holidays, consider a storage unit for all your holiday decorations. It’s much easier to walk in than to haul everything up into an attic crawl space. Your items will stay safe and secure while not in use, and as seasons and holidays change, you can easily swap out the items you need from storage for the items you no longer need in your home.”

Although a self-storage unit is one of the safest places to keep your treasures, it’s important to pack, label and stack properly if you want items to be easily accessible and in good condition the next time you need them. Here are a few tips from Watts for general self-storage:

Mind materials: Make sure you use boxes that are going to stand up to the test of time. Grabbing those free boxes from the local grocery store is not going to cut it. Those are designed to break down quickly and often have food odors and residue in them, attracting pests. Instead, consider purchasing boxes or totes that will not buckle or sag.

Pack properly: Be sure to properly pack and wrap your items to prevent them from being damaged. Small objects should be boxed away, and large items like furniture need to be covered with cloths or moving pads. Use packing paper to protect your fragile items and store them tightly so they can’t move around. 

Label everything: Label all boxes and totes so you can quickly find what you are looking for without having to open every box. At a minimum, label at least two sides. For seasonal items, consider color-coding by using a specific color for each season’s containers. This will help you to quickly identify which bins you need at the start of each season and avoid going through several containers.

Stay organized: Strategy is everything when it comes to packing your storage unit. Most units are about eight feet tall, so using that vertical space is a smart move. Stack your items to make the most of the space, putting the heavier items towards the bottom. Think about what items you won’t need between seasons and put those farthest out of reach. You never know if or when you’ll need to access your unit, so organize everything in a way that makes it easy – just in case. As you take items out, be sure to rotate everything by placing the items for the season that just ended in the back and moving everything else to the front. It may seem like a pain to do this each time, but it will be much easier than just shoving items in there.

Based on your level of holiday cheer, Watts recommends keeping these tips in mind:

  • Lights—wrap them around a piece of cardboard in single file, or fold them in a circle and secure them with clips or wire ties.
  • Candles—insert them into old socks to prevent scratches.
  • Ornaments—for small ones you can use an egg crate, for larger ones use an ornament organizer.
  • Trees—remove all decorations, including icicles and garland.
  • Wreaths—place in an oversized box with plenty of soft packing material or a container designed specifically for wreaths. 
  • Dishes—wrap holiday dishes in bubble wrap and place in a sturdy container or box.
  • Paper goods—store wrapping paper, books and cards flat in a waterproof container

Neighborhood Mini Storage has locations in Lake Charles, Sulphur and Moss Bluff. Visit NeighborhoodMiniStorage.com for more information.  

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