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Take Back your Yard
6/1/2020 1:00:00 PM
Take Back Your Yards

When the warmth of summer arrives, who hasn’t yearned to expand their living space into the outdoors? With a bit of planning and determination, you can make your dream backyard a reality. 

Alexis Allured, a certified, licensed Landscape Horticulturist, says recent trends in outdoor living are driven by a desire to create special spaces for relaxation and family fun, rather than settling for a bland environment that only accommodates the family grill. "Incorporating features such as vibrant landscaping, decorative hardscaping, ambient lighting, firepits, water features, and comfortable seating into your family’s outdoor oasis creates an inviting area that draws people to gather and socialize away from the distractions of indoor living such as the television.”

When planning, consider your family’s needs to help ensure you get maximum enjoyment from your space. Consider colors, comfort and coziness when buying furniture and accessories. Balance and blend the elements by allowing your home’s architecture to guide your selections. New trends consider "biophilic design”, meaning incorporating natural elements as you create your outdoor spaces. Relaxing in nature is synonymous with tranquility and stress reduction. This can be achieved by integrating a plant wall, hanging plants, planters containing miniature trees, succulents, herbs and raised garden beds. The sound of trickling water from fountains or small ponds is mesmerizing, producing the benefits of harmony with nature. Use wood, stone, and other natural materials. Allured says key elements in planning your outdoor oasis include available space, sustainability, price, and maintenance workload. "Without proper planning for maintenance, your outdoor living space can quickly go from stress-free to stress-full.”

Sustainable home design means your plan is environmentally friendly. Explore energy efficient appliances; make maximum use of the sun for lighting and shade; use non-toxic building materials and resources; buy local; and minimize waste. 

Dreaming of an outdoor kitchen? You’ll increase your food prep capacity, add entertainment space and boost your home’s value. Consider fancy cooktops, brick ovens, an outdoor bar, sinks, refrigerators, wine coolers, ice machines, and maybe an island. Other backyard trends focus on lighting, fireplaces, fire pits and wood-burning stoves. 

"Spending time with friends and family in attractive natural outdoor environments just feels good,” says Allured. "And that emotional connection really drives the desire to create these spaces.”

Alexis Allured and her husband, Nathaniel, co-own The Grounds Guys of Lake Charles. For more information, call them at 337-513-4118 or see their website, https://www.groundsguys.com/lake-charles.

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