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‘Tis the Season—for Redecorating!
11/1/2019 11:00:00 AM

Summer has passed, the holidays are coming, and our homes could use a lift! Whether you’ve just moved into your dream home or are looking to make some changes for the festive season ahead, several local designers have some great ideas.

If you’re in your new home and don’t know where to begin, Lana Schafer, owner of Changing Spaces in Lake Charles, can help.

"Begin to create a ‘style file,’” she advises. "A collection of photos, paint chips, style numbers, measurements, etc., of spaces and things you love. Sources of inspiration might include web searches (Pinterest, Instagram, Houzz, Google), furniture and paint stores, flea markets, catalogs, movies, a favorite place, or a piece of art. The possibilities are endless!” 

Schafer suggests you understand the purpose of each room. "Ask yourself: What do I use the space for? Who uses the space? What type of seating is needed?  What about a rug?”

Determine a budget. "Jot down what items you think you'll need and what price you would feel comfortable paying for each item,” Schafer continues.  "This will give you a general idea of what the room design will cost overall. It may be more than you expected. But remember, your room will evolve over time. Don't think you have to do it all at once.”

Measuring is key. "Become friends with your tape measure!” Schafer says. "Draw out your space on paper or use one of the many online floor plan tools to plot out your space. Know the measurements of each wall and your ceiling height. Add the floor plan and your budget worksheet to your style file and you will be prepared when it's time to shop.”

Caitlyn Downs Akers owns The Farmhouse Company in Sulphur. "My top tip is to not get caught up in a set style. My store, for example, is The Farmhouse Company. That doesn’t mean I can only have items that are specific to that theme. It simply means warm, natural, effortless, comfortable, etc. It’s better to have items you love and that mean something to you than to try and fit a style you’ve seen.”

Akers says it’s best to start with pieces you own. "Once you’ve figured out the spaces that need attention, choose a color scheme and determine the pieces that you already have that will fit, so you’re not overwhelmed when you go shopping.”

There should be a central piece in every room, whether it’s furniture or art. "Once that is decided, start choosing objects that compliment and highlight it,” Akers says. "The room will then take shape rather quickly.”

Looking for a holiday refresh? Drew Hoffpauir and Lance Thomas, the design duo behind Room Service, have put together a Holiday Refresh Guide to help get our homes into tip-top holiday shape, based on how much time and money you wish to commit.


Swap mirrors for art and vice versa, along with swapping accent pillows and accessories from room to room.  If you have less time and less money, look into repurposing old holiday decor. Try an old wreath as a tabletop centerpiece base or place old ornaments in vases and kitchen fruit bowls. 


Rearrange the furniture. Change the layout of your living or bedroom or swap draperies and rugs from room to room. Play musical chairs by relocating accent seating, too! Simplify and clean up the bookshelves. Clean out guest closets and your attic. There may be more hidden treasures and fresh decor ideas underneath piles of boxes.


Buy new pillows and bedding to change up your color story (use the old pillows and bedding to update a guest room) and get art and family photos enlarged and reframed. Try decorating a smaller tree in a guest bedroom corner. Additionally, you can use new ambient lighting such as nightstand lamps. 

For an hourly fee, there are several fantastic decorators in the Lake Charles area. A fresh pair of eyes can see hidden potential in often-overlooked statement pieces. In just an hour or two, you can have a whole new space with minimal effort! 


Convert the office into a bedroom as daybeds and pullout sofas have come a long way. Keep the desk for year-round use, but a fresh coat of paint, a custom pullout couch, and some side table/nightstands and you’ve got a fresh new room!

Changing Spaces

2202 Ryan St., Lake Charles, 337-313-0444

The Farmhouse Company

Reopening in November at 2732 Maplewood Dr., Sulphur

Room Service

131 W. 11th St., Lake Charles 337-274-4755

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