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to STAGE . . . or not to STAGE
4/1/2019 1:00:00 PM


Would you like to sell your home faster . . . for more money? Consider staging. A sofa here and a rug there can make a big difference in how long your property stays on the market. Discover the benefits and rules of this approach to help you get your home sold.

What is staging? It is the process of furnishing and decorating your home ā€“ while it's on the market ā€“ to define rooms and enhance its overall look. You can hire a professional staging company or take on the process yourself by leasing furniture or using some of your own. There are different routes to take if you choose to stage your property, but the goal is the same:  a sold sign by the curb. 

Staging has its benefits. Among them are a quicker sale and more cash in your pocket. According to realtor.com, staged homes sell 88% faster and for 20% more than nonstaged homes. Staging will also cost you. If you choose to hire a professional staging company, you may pay up to $600 a month per room ā€“ with a possible additional fee for the initial consultation. 

Nikki Pruitt of Nikki Pā€™s Realty says professional staging is desirable but may not be doable for those selling their homes. "Budgets are tough," said Pruitt. "Most people selling their homes don't have the means to pay a huge upfront fee plus monthly fees for staging."

Pruitt says she and the home sellers she represents choose a more cost-effective way of staging. "We use their belongings. Most of my clients are homeowners so their homes are furnished. So, we declutter and sometimes use feng shui principles to stage their properties. It's all about having a good energy and good feel in the home."

There are some general rules to follow when staging. One of the first rules is to stay neutral. This allows prospective buyers to see the room and imagine themselves in it, and not be distracted by a bold design. A second rule is that it's not necessary to stage the whole home. Decorating only the living room and one bedroom could be enough to garner interest.  A third rule is to remember that staging starts outside. Curb appeal is important. Fresh landscaping and a rocking chair on the porch could help those contemplating purchasing your place decide whether to venture inside the home.

Furniture and a couple of pieces of artwork can go a long way to persuade a potential buyer. Statistics back up the benefits of staging, and if it increases the possible price, why not stage your home? It may just get you closer to that anticipated sale.

Pruitt's tips for staging include: 

- Cleaning your home thoroughly inside and out

- Making sure you have open windows to bring in natural light

- Include nature through use of 

real flowers 

"We try to make the place open, light and clean, using the homeowner's furnishings," she said. "This saves time and money, which is better for everyone involved."

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