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Water-Wise Landscape Designs
5/30/2018 11:12:03 PM
Water Wise

There are a number of great ways to enhance the beauty of your home with landscaping, but there are few projects that can bring the same kind of life and natural elegance to your landscape as a high-quality, professionally installed water feature.

"Outdoor water features can add sophistication and function to any landscape, no matter the size or budget,” says Richie Everage, landscape design consultant. "From simple aesthetics to functional roles in your garden, water features can add a unique ambiance and create a calming retreat.” 
When it comes to landscaping water features, Everage says waterfalls and ponds tend to be the most popular. "These produce a cooling effect when temperatures sizzle during the summer. They also can do a great bit more than just help you improve the beauty of your property. The sounds of running water have been proven to have a calming effect and help to reduce stress levels – something most of us could use after a long day at work.”

So, where do you begin? To help you pick the type of water feature for your yard, Everage offers some ideas to consider:

Fountain. Often located near a deck or patio, an outdoor water fountain is a classic element dating back to the ancient Greeks and Romans. They come in various forms, from bubbling boulders to a spouting statue or multi-tiered. Fountains come equipped with electric-driven pumps to allow water to spray or circulate continually to keep it fresh and flowing.

Bird Bath. A bird bath can be a simple or elaborate water feature that attracts birds, especially in the summer when they can gather, cool off, and drink water from it. A well-maintained and clean bird bath will attract a variety of bird species all year. You can choose from a variety of options such as plastic, glass, or stone to either add character to your garden or blend in with the natural surroundings.

Pond. A garden pond is appealing in any outdoor setting and may comprise a complete water ecosystem, including pond fish and water plants. The most common garden ponds contain some goldfish or koi fish, a few water plants like lilies, and a water circulation system to keep the water flowing and oxygenated.

Waterfall. The waterfall is perhaps the most beautiful and relaxing water feature. If you lack space or have maintenance concerns about installing a full pond, then a pond-less waterfall is your go-to option. It’s easy to maintain because it recirculates water without the presence of a pond to keep it clean. Add in some decorative rocks and you have a complete feature. 

Whether in small or large quantities, Everage says trickling water will make your yard look more spacious, attract beneficial birds and insects, and serve as a mind-relaxing addition that brings ambiance to your outdoor living space. "What better place to relax and enjoy the calming benefits of water than in your own yard? 

For more information on adding water features, call Landscape Management at 337-478-3836 or visit www.landscapemanagment.org. 
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