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Winning the Homework Battle
1/9/2013 1:13:42 PM

According to Renee A. Reina, director of Sylvan Learning Center in Lake Charles, the first step to winning the homework battle involves getting organized and creating an atmosphere in your home that encourages learning. "Like most things involving children, a good routine is a must. Set aside a specific time and place for homework and studying. In addition to getting their homework completed on time, your child will also learn the value of time management.”

Reina also suggests that while your child is working, you can take this time to sit and work on your own paperwork. This shows them that you value the importance of "work time.”
It’s also key to make sure your child’s study space has the necessary supplies.

"Make sure their supply of paper, pencils, erasers, etc., is completely stocked,” Reina says. "This will prevent delays and distractions caused by having to locate needed materials.” If getting your child to complete their homework was a challenge during the first part of the year, then consider setting up a reward system for this half.

"One way to do this is to deposit change into a small change jar every time homework is completed,” says Reina. "Once the jar is full, treat the entire family to something everyone will enjoy.”
As your child gets older and the homework load increases, it is important to have a study plan in place.

"Have them tackle their most challenging assignment first, while they are most focused,” Reina adds. "Once this assignment is complete, move on to the easier ones and then, as a reward, end the homework session with a fun activity like coloring or drawing.”

Finally, take your child’s learning to the next level by helping them find real-world applications for what they are being taught in school.
"You can help enhance your child’s math and reading skills by letting them help you cook dinner – they can read recipes or labels, and learn measurements and fractions,” says Reina. "Also, search the Internet with your child to learn more about topics they are covering in school.”

For more information on how to help your child win the homework battle, visit www.sylvanlearning.com or call 474-9998.

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