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Wow Dad with a Perfect Gift
6/1/2019 1:00:00 PM

Each June, we celebrate the dads in our lives. It’s an opportunity to show our appreciation for all they have done and continue to do in our lives. What’s the ideal way to show that love? Chances are, dad doesn’t need a new tie.

Sharon Schweitzer, an international etiquette expert, author, and the founder of Protocol & Etiquette Worldwide (www.protocolww.com), offers these tips for getting Dad the perfect Father’s Day gift. 


Practical Gifts: Is your father figure practical? Go for the gift that won’t get tossed in a closet or re-gifted. Talk to your dad about his needs or communicate with family members. Contribute toward a group gift he will truly love.

Business and casual clothing

Restaurant gift certificates to his favorite place

Hobby accessories (paints and art supplies, how-to books)


Personalized Gifts: Go the extra mile to highlight his name, family crest, or favorite team.

Engraved Watch

Personalized Glassware, Flask, or Beer Growler

Sports Team Wine Stoppers


Perfect Gifts: Find the gift that quintessentially represents your dad or his future goals. Where does he want to go? How does he enjoy his free time?

New sports equipment: golf club, fishing rod, tennis racket

A fly-fishing or deep-sea trip

Concert tickets to his favorite band


For the active dad:

Surprise dad with a round of golf at his favorite course, or take him to a new course.

Head to a lake, river, or the Gulf of Mexico with dad and spend the day fishing.

Offer to take him on a hike or pack up the gear and head out to the wilderness for a weekend camping trip.


For the creative dad:

Go to that new movie he’s been wanting to see.

Explore a new destination together. Whether it’s a museum, restaurant, or park.

Attend a BBQ class together. You can learn how to grill, roast or BBQ, then enjoy a well-earned meal together.

Set up two blank canvases in the garage or yard and get to work! Splatter paints on the canvas with different colors for a fun night, while creating the next masterpiece!


For the fun-loving dad:

Score tickets and take dad to the ballpark. Sporting events are bonding experiences.

Go to a race track for high speed thrills.

Live music abounds in Southwest Louisiana! Check community calendars for concerts.


For the helping-hand dad:

If your father is passionate about a local or national nonprofit, volunteer to join him and experience why he enjoys it so much.

Plant vegetables or flowers together in a garden bed.

Tackle a big project together (shed, fort, new deck). Anything unfinished on his "to-do list.” Long-term projects keep you connected and working together for months.


Hosting breakfast/dinner/get-togethers:

Whether you make a reservation at a favorite dine-in, or prepare his favorite meal, make it a memorable experience that honors the family’s father figures.

If it’s a multi-generational meal, prepare one favorite food for each father figure; ask in advance what they would like to enjoy on their special day.

Let Dad kick back while you make preparations. Set him up with his favorite movie or magazine to enjoy while you take care of the meal.

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