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Acadian Hearing Helps a Local Man Hear for the Holidays
1/1/2020 1:00:00 PM

Acadian Healing

For the first time in longer than he can remember, Lee LeJeune enjoyed the sounds of the holiday season last month. He has suffered from hearing loss for years, which resulted in him missing out on conversations with family and friends, the sounds of his grandchildren laughing, his favorite television programs and more. In many ways, he was isolated on the sidelines of his own life, a life his daughter Julie Borill said he had always devoted to his family.

Borill nominated her dad for Acadian Hearing Services’ "Hear for the Holidays” giveaway. They received more than 40 nominations and chose LeJeune as the winner, based on Borill’s description of her father’s devotion to his family and decades of hard work in the fertilizer and rice seed industry. In early December, LeJeune was tested and fitted, and just before Christmas he received his state-of-the-art Bluetooth, rechargeable hearing aids.

Dr. Heidi Sorrells with Acadian Hearing said it was difficult to choose a winner, but their entire office staff found Borill’s nomination letter for her father very compelling and felt the army veteran was very deserving.

With his hearing restored, LeJeune is hearing things he hasn’t heard in years, from the whisper of his wife of almost 60 years to the signal indicator on his car. And best of all, he hears the voices of his grandchildren. "Our family will be forever grateful to the staff at Acadian Hearing for the best Christmas gift ever for Dad, the gift of hearing,” says Borill. "His quality of life has changed dramatically since receiving his hearing aids and we could never repay the kindness from everyone.”

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