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Cura Your Life
3/5/2018 2:09:48 PM
Cura Your Life

Local teacher, author, and life coach inspires women to transform daily lives for success

Overwhelmed, overworked, and out of time -- those are the three biggest complaints that Angela Tezeno hears from her clients when describing their daily problems. Tezeno, a Lake Charles native and Calcasieu Parish schoolteacher, is also an author and life coach for women. Her comprehensive program, Cura Your Life™, is designed to help women achieve their goals and balance daily life. 

"Cura” a Latin expression that means, "to care for the entire person,” is used throughout Tezeno’s program, as well as in the title of her book, Cura Your Life. 

This practical guidebook for women features "Life Tabs,” which are the categories that Tezeno identifies as the key areas for regular focus and attention. 

"When we focus on hitting each of the life tabs every day or at least weekly, we will achieve balance,” said Tezeno. "Balance is the key to the fulfillment that we all hope to have in our lives.”

As a life management expert, Tezeno leads women to navigate their busy lives in a whole new way. Her program offers "balance and fulfillment at the intersection of change.”
"All women crave two things -- balance and fulfillment. My program gives you the step-by-step process to get both,” Tezeno said. 

Part of the program includes designing a life plan based on the Cura Canvas™, an innovative life management vision map that provides an entire view of a woman’s life tabs. "The Cura Canvas™ provides the perfect vision tool to organize and optimize all the moving parts of your very busy life and make it work with ease,” she said. With Tezeno’s guidance, clients utilize the Cura Canvas™, incorporating their goals as well as their unique circumstances and issues. 

From her experience, Tezeno said the meaning of a woman’s name is crucial in discovering her purpose. Her name, Angela, means, "messenger, bringer of truth.” For Tezeno, she said her name’s meaning rings true for her life mission. "Each woman has her own unique purpose. We all do things differently and that’s beautiful,” said Tezeno. "My job is to help coach my clients in a way that gives them their own direction because that brings supreme satisfaction and joy.” 

A school teacher for 15 years, Tezeno’s passion for coaching women developed from her own life struggles to find solutions for life-work balance issues. "I’ve been there and experienced it,” she explained. "Once I found this solution, I wanted to share with every woman I meet.” 

When writing her book, Tezeno focused her research on women from all walks of life in Southwest Louisiana. Each section features in-depth interviews -- all with local women -- speaking on a variety of topics that affect women’s daily lives. "Southwest Louisiana is an incredible community of strong, powerful women. This book was written about local women -- the women we shop with, attend church with, and do business with -- they’re my focus.” 

In addition to individual and small group coaching sessions, Tezeno offers half-day and full-day workshops. She also does speaking engagements for area businesses and organizations throughout the year.
The Cura Your Life™ program aims to inspire and encourage women. "You don’t have to be overwhelmed, overworked and out of time,” said Tezeno. "You can do a lot of life in 24 hours. If you are intentional to consider your entire canvas -- caring for the entire person -- you can change your life.” 

For more information, visit www.curayourlife.com.
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