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Don’t Gobble, Gobble Too Much
11/1/2020 1:00:00 PM

Don’t Gobble, Gobble Too Much

The holidays may be the most wonderful time of the year, but with tempting treats at every turn, the weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day can also be the most challenging to stay on track. This year, consider these tips from Coach Ellen Stringer with Profile by Sanford—Lake Charles to enjoy the holiday season without overindulging in holiday cheer.

"To avoid overeating when there is so much temptation present, you must be mindful before the big day even arrives,” said Coach Ellen. "Consider writing down a pre-meal plan for the holiday to help keep you focused on the foods you plan to eat. On the day of, begin as you do all other days by sticking to your regular eating plan, drinking plenty of water and getting some sort of activity in if possible. This will help you have the right mindset, so you will naturally eat the right portions. During the meal, put down your fork in between bites and breathe. This will help you to slow down and maintain a more reasonable eating pace. Check in mid-meal to see where you are on the hunger scale to avoid your stomach feeling pressure.”

If you’re thinking this sounds like a bunch of ‘bah humbug,’ don’t! Coach Ellen has plenty of tips to help you celebrate and take in the spirit of the day:

Opt for a napkin—appetizers may seem innocent, but nibbling on baked brie and crackers, meatballs or spinach-artichoke dip can add up to more than the main course. Consider using only napkins versus a plate. This will make it harder to overdo it with the high-calorie starters.

Dress up a mocktail—don’t rely on alcohol to put you in a festive mood! Instead, grab a pretty glass and fill it with sparkling water with a hint of mint or citrus.

Leave the leftovers—don’t take any leftovers home. If you’re hosting in your home, consider supplying to-go boxes and invite guests to fill them with the leftover food.

Try a food-free activity—incorporate a spontaneous dance party, flag football game or some type of activity that gets you moving and away from food.

"Finally, remember tomorrow is another day,” added Coach Ellen. "Have a plan to get right back on track in the morning. If you stray from your holiday plan, be kind to yourself and realize it is just one meal and one day. Move your thoughts forward and raise your fork and glass to feasting sensibly, moderately and contentedly.”

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