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PAIN is a Four-Letter Word at Ultimate Performance Chiro and Rehab
12/6/2016 9:08:36 AM

In 2011, Dr. Kyle Daigle studied at Parker Chiropractic, a cutting edge chiropractic clinic near Dallas. While there, he gained an appreciation for a holistic approach to treating health disorders. He studied the human body and learned how all the physiological systems work together. He developed therapy modalities that were different from what most patients were accustomed to. But they worked. And word spread quickly.

Daigle grew up in Sulphur and longed to return "home,” but wasn’t sure how the people of southwest Louisiana would respond to his avant-garde style of treatment. He and his business partner Dr. Brett Gschwend took a chance and opened Ultimate Performance Chiro and Rehab on W. McNeese St. Through word of mouth and positive patient experiences, their center has been a success. Some patients come weekly from southeast Texas, some from Austin, and as far away as Australia.

These chiropractic doctors care about each of their patients. They see every symptom, each ache and pain, as a piece of a puzzle to be worked on until the problem is solved and the patient is restored to better health. The list of health problems they can treat is long -- back pain, fibromyalgia, plantar fasciitis, carpal tunnel, neck pain, sciatica, whiplash, vertigo, sports injuries, as well as neurological disorders, weight loss issues, allergies, and attention deficit disorder.

At Ultimate Performance, Drs. Daigle and Gschwend utilize a wide variety of treatment and therapy modalities that care for the patient as a whole, not as a single symptom or disease. In addition to standard physical and chiropractic therapies, they utilize treatment regimens not found at all clinics, such as balance, eye movement, and cold laser therapies. "We’re big on sensory stimulation,” says Dr. Daigle. Below are some primary therapies Drs. Daigle and Gschwend focus on.

Neurosage (Systemic Neural Adaptation) – This revolutionary therapy system is geared to patients of all ages and employs a computer software program with games and activities to increase both mental and physical performance through visual, auditory, and physical stimulation. This type of therapy can treat a wide range of disorders. Drs. Daigle and Gschwend are co-inventors and a U. S. patent is pending.

Sound and Vibration Therapies – Dr. Daigle says certain sounds and vibration at specific frequencies can release endorphins in the brain which increase circulation and oxygenation, promote healing, and alleviate pain in illnesses such as neuropathy.

Nutrition – Our southern culture and diet promote diseases such as obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, and many other diseases. No matter what problems a patient may experience, Dr. Daigle often first looks at the patient’s diet. He believes many of our health issues start in the gut and encourages his patients to take whole food supplements/vitamins such as Juice Plus.

Dr. Daigle says of this multi-disciplinary approach, "It’s not just one thing here we do. There is not one tool that is the best tool in the toolbox. I feel if you have a great many tools, that is what gives you the best armor to help a patient. That technique is what has made us successful in this clinic.”

Find Ultimate Performance Chiro and Rehab at 646 W. McNeese St., call 337-421-0010, their website uperformance.com, and on Facebook at UPdocs.

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