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The Importance of Balance
9/1/2017 12:35:18 PM

It’s said that you’re never really "old” until you start having balance issues, and that you can always tell a person’s physical age by how well they move around without falling, or experiencing fear of falling. Getting out of your car, walking through a store, opening a door, and putting on pants all require balance and coordination, which are an important part of everyday life. Approximately 12.5 million Americans over the age of 65 have a dizziness or balance problem that significantly interferes with their lives. Many people believe loss of balance is unavoidable as we age, which can result in lost mobility and independence. Physical therapy centers across the country realize the importance of balance and coordination and are proving that loss of balance, dizziness, and muscle weakness can be avoided or reversed with the right treatment.

Floyd Saltzman, physical therapist and owner of FYZICAL Therapy and Balance Center in Lake Charles, offers several treatment modalities for patients to improve their balance. He says his business name "is spelled different because we are different.” He and his staff understand that balance issues are multi-faceted. There can be many reasons a patient develops balance problems, so when it comes to balance loss prevention, FYZICAL utilizes a whole body treatment approach. "Our Balance Program focuses on strength, functional mobility, endurance, gait training, and coordination  activities for safe waking and preventing falls,” said Saltzman.

FYZICAL staff members meet their patient’s needs with comprehensive balance and fall prevention programs using the latest technology that analyzes the stride and gait of a patient, and a sophisticated ceiling mounted rail system. "These overhead rails are the standard of care in balance and vestibular physical therapy centers. They allow the clinician to treat the patient in the safety of the suspended harness and allow walking, running, and any other complex dynamic balance training. The system allows the balance training to the point of falling, which is essential to achieving optimal outcomes,” Saltzman said.

For patients who have lost balance and are working to get it back, FYZICAL employs state-of- the-art Static and Dynamic Balance Retraining. It focuses on real world situations where a person might fall, and trains them to react in a way that prevents the fall. "Most of these patients report dizziness, but in fact, they are describing disequilibrium, or off balance,” Saltzman said. "The treatment puts an extra emphasis on practical solutions to common problems; for example, difficulty getting around in the dark, walking on uneven surfaces such as carpeting or grass, and negotiating steps and curbs. Fall prevention, movement coordination, and improved safe participation in everyday activities are all high priorities of our balance retraining program.”
For more information on balance and fall prevention therapy at FYZICAL, call 337-494-7546 today.

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